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Chongqing Medical University(重庆医科大学)

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU), formerly Chongqing Medical College, was founded in 1956 by partially relocating Shanghai First Medical College, which is now Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University. After 65-year development, CQMU has grown into a state-funded medical university jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, National Health Commission and Chongqing Municipal Government. CQMU joins the Initiative of Pilot Universities of International Cooperation of Chongqing.

CQMU provides full range of programs from undergraduate to postgraduate. Post-doctoral research is also available.

CQMU has accomplished many research projects of various levels, including some state-level projects supported by the National Basic Research Program (973 Program), National High-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Program) and the Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation.

From 2016 to 2020, CQMU had undertaken more than 3700 new scientific programs approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation and other national or provincial departments. The High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Therapy System (HIFU), initiated by CQMU, is the first Chinese large-scale medical equipment with complete intellectual property rights. HIFU has been put into use in over 50 hospitals around the world, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Argentina etc. In 2020, CQMU successfully developed China's first Diagnostic kit for Novel Coronavirus IgM/IgG Antibody (magnetic particle chemiluminescence method) which was granted the CE Mark Certification in the European Union.

Active in international exchange and cooperation, CQMU has partnerships with universities in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. A few of our partner universities include UCL of the United Kingdom, UBC of Canada and Dartmouth College of the United States.

CQMU has been a frontrunner of international education in medicine since 2001. It is recognized as a leading university for international education in China. CQMU is designated by the Ministry of Education as the host university for students fully funded by Chinese Government Scholarships. It is also recognized as the First Batch of Demonstration Bases for Studying in China, awarded the National Advanced Institute for International Education in China and the Pilot University of International Exchange and Cooperation in Chongqing. The university also operates the National Base for Social Practice and Cultural Experience for International Students.


0.37km2 Yuanjiagang Campus
1.4km2 Jinyun Campus
33,800m2 Library
6,278,6002 Books


26,810 Total
7,124 Graduate students
18,824 Undergraduate students
604 International students


4 State key discipline

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics


Infectious Disease


4 First-class discipline (Chongqing Municipality)

Clinical Medicine


Basic Medicine


10 PhD program
23 Master program
36 Bachelor program

Disciplines ranking ESI Top 1% : 8

Clinical Medicine

Pharmacology & Toxicology

Neuroscience & Behavior

Biology & Biochemistry


Molecular Biology & Genetics


Material science


Total: Over 3200

High-level talents: 58 (including Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, National One Hundred Thousand Talents Expert, "973" chief scientist, winners of the "National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth", winners of the "National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth", Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding National Contributions, "Changjiang Scholars", National Famous Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Ministerial and provincial-level talents: 586 (including provincial and ministerial-level young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, Chongqing talents, leaders of Chongqing chief expert studios, academic and technical leaders)

Scientific Research

5 State-level Research Platforms
  1. State Key Laboratory of Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering
  2. National Clinical Research Center for Child Health and Disorders
  3. National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine
  4. National Demonstration Base for International Sci-Tech Cooperation in Child Development and Critical Illnesses
  5. Laboratory Animal Center of National Bioindustry Base in Chongqing

Affiliated Hospital

Directly Affiliated hospitals

1. The First Affiliated Hospital

2. The Second Affiliated Hospital

3. Children’s Hospital

4. Stomatological Hospital

5. Yongchuan Hospital

6. University-Town Hospital

7. The Affiliated Rehabilitation Hospital

8. The Third Affiliated Hospital

9. Yongchuan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

10. Banan Hospital

11. Bishan Hospital

17,000 Beds in total
15 million Annual outpatient visits
600,000 Annual inpatient visits

CQMU provide both single room & double room to international students.


Fee (RMB)

Accommodation (for single room)

9600  yuan/year

Accommodation (for double room)

4800  yuan/year

Chongqing Medical University (aka CQMU) has different kinds of programs and scholarships for international students from all around the world, including Bachelor, Master, PhD programs, and Chinese government scholarship, Mayor scholarship, CQMU university scholarship.


For admission details, please check our English website, the link is as below: https://english.cqmu.edu.cn/Education.htm

You can also download our admission information from the attachment.

Contact Information:

Foreign Affairs Office of CQMU

Tel: +86-23-68485041


1.  Fee


Bachelor’s program

RMB 30,000 per academic year

Master’s program

RMB 41,000 per academic year

Ph.D. program

RMB 50,000 per academic year

Visiting program

Depending on study time and specialty


(optional for postgraduates)

RMB 4,800 per year DOUBLE room            

RMB 9,600 per year SINGLE room


RMB 800 per year

Application fee

RMB 450 first year only


1. All the fees should be paid in Chinese currency. USD drafts are accepted for those who are not able to pay in Chinese currency (Insurance fee can only be paid in cash of Chinese currency in the finance department of CQMU), but students are responsible to make up the balances according to the related university regulations about the exchange rate. USD cash will not be accepted.

2. In the final academic year, the MBBS students who choose and are approved to do their internship in their home country or in other countries, other than in CQMU, only need to pay 20% of the tuition fee of that year. According to Nepalese Government, students from Nepal are not allowed to do internship back in Nepal.

3. Tuition and accommodation fees should be paid yearly.

4. According to the requirements of Ministry of Education in China, it is compulsory for every foreign student to buy insurance. CQMU is responsible to collect the insurance premium and transfer it to the insurance company. CQMU will only accept the cash of Chinese currency for the insurance.

5. For all applicants, the application fee (450 RMB) and the insurance fee for the first year (800 RMB) should be paid to the university account after their application documents are preliminarily checked and they are admitted and before the Visa Application Form of Foreign Personnel (JW202 form) is issued.

6. If the undergraduate students need the bedding stuff, they can pay the deposit and get it in Overseas Students Office on Jinyun campus after their arrival. The deposit will be refunded after they pay such fee in the finance department later.

7. Water, electricity, gas will be charged according to the actual amount of usage and paid by the students themselves. Expenses of food, outpatient medical treatment as well as inpatient medical treatment which cannot be covered by insurance, transportation, internet and telephone etc. will be paid by the students themselves.


2. Scholarship

For scholarship, please check the admission information for 2022, the link is as below:


Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded

CQMU have a variety of activities for our international students every year, such as International Culture Festival, English Opera Night, Team Building Games, Free Clinic Services for communities, speech contest, etc.

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