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Anhui Medical College(安徽医学高等专科学校)

Anhui Medical College (hereinafter referred to as “AMC”) is a public junior college directly under Anhui Provincial Health Commission. Founded in 1955, AMC has three campuses, namely Wuhu Road, Furong Road and Xinqiao Road. It has some 400 undergraduates (jointly trained) and over 12,000 junior college students.
In recent years, AMC has won many honors such as National High-quality Specialty of Higher Vocational Colleges, the Chinese Characteristic High Level Professional Group of Construction Unit, the Ministry of Education for Three Full Education Pilot Units, Top 50 universities in China with typical employment experience of college graduates, Anhui Province Demonstrative Higher Vocational College, Anhui Provincial Skilled High-level College Construction Unit, Anhui Province College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Unit etc.
AMC is equipped with 9 schools, namely School of Clinical Medicine, School of Stomatology, School of Medical Technology, School of Nursing, School of Public Health & Health Management, School of Pharmacy, School of Foundational Courses, School of Basic Medicine, School of Marxism, as well as the General Medical Training Center in Anhui province, Anhui Provincial Health Worker Training Center, Anhui Genetic Medical Center and other five education training and scientific research institutions. It offers 20 specialties (programmes) in five major groups: medicine, pharmacy, nursing, technology and management, among which 4 are state-level backbone specialties and 14 are provincial-level characteristic specialties. 
It has one national "ten Thousand teacher plan" famous teacher, 11 provincial teaching teams, 20 provincial teaching famous teachers and professional leaders.
There are 14 on-campus training centers (bases) and 81 experimental training rooms, among which there are 2 vocational education training bases (centers) supported by the central finance and 7 provincial demonstration training centers. MAC has 1 Grade III Level A affiliated hospital (Anhui Second People's Hospital), 4 Grade II non-directly affiliated hospitals, and 176 off-campus practice and training bases.
AMC actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation; Jointly carrying out "3+2" general top-up education with Bengbu Medical College; As a cooperative school designated by the Ministry of Education for full scholarship of Nursing Medicine in Singapore, it selects and sends approximately 20 students to Study in Singapore every year. AMC has established friendly cooperative relations with many institutions of higher learning and education in South Korea, the United States, Germany and other overseas countries or regions as well as in Taiwan, such as teachers and students exchange visits and students' joint training.

Two international students share one dormitory. The apartment has complete facilities and free wireless network coverage. Each dormitory is equipped with air conditioner, bathroom, and laundry room etc..
Admission Requirements
1. The applicant must be a healthy non-Chinese citizen under the age of 25.
2. Educational requirements: Applicants must have a high school diploma or a diploma from the second stage of education.
3. If the applicant has not taken HSK Level 4 (HSK) before admission, they need to participate in the intensive Chinese language training organized by Anhui Medical College without charge. After the training, they can take the HSK test or pass the test organized by the school. Only those who pass the test can enter the professional study.
4. According to the Ministry of Education of China "general college enrollment physical examination work guidance", the Nursing major does not accept color blindness, color weak applicants.
5. As a result of nursing professional characteristics, the same conditions under the priority admission of girls.

Application document


application document



Application form for Foreign students to study in China




copy /scan


Photo (Passport size)



     Physical Examination Record For Foreigner



Equivalent to a Chinese high school diploma



Final Academic Transcript



Proof of Chinese proficiency

If so, provide a copy


Certificate of No Criminal Record

Original and Notarization



Applicants should submit all application materials to Zhangshoubing@ahyz.edu.cn by June 30, 2021 Beijing time. All documents must be completed in either Chinese or English. Applicants should bring the original of the above materials for verification when they arrive at school.

Admission Procedure
The school will conduct virtual interviews with each applicant via instant messaging software such as SKYPE. The admission list will be determined according to the application conditions and the interview results.
The student will receive an Admission Notice from AMC in Both Chinese and English and a visa application form for foreign students in China (JW202). Students should apply for an "X" visa with the above documents to Chinese overseas visa agencies.
New students will be admitted on time according to the admission notice and JW202 form. Those who fail to show up one week after the deadline will be disqualified automatically. After enrollment, AMC shall organize an entry-exit physical examination for foreigners. Only those who pass the examination results can be officially qualified for admission.




Amount (RMB)


Tuition fee

Free of charge



RMB 400/year

Charge in advance according to actual cost, excess payment shall be refunded and deficiency shall be repaid


RMB 1000/year

Jiao Ji (2006) No. 15

Health examination

RMB 500/year

Charge fees according to relevant department charging standards (with fluctuation)


RMB 800/year

Residence permit

RMB 400/year


RMB 3100/year



Scholarship Category

Academic Performance Scholarship




Annual Comprehensive Assessment Scholarship

Civilized Dormitory Scholarship

HSK Scholarship

Overseas Living allowance
After entering China, each student will be entitled to apply for monthly allowance of RMB 600 while studying in AMC, China
Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
1 Nursing 2021-03-01 2021-07-20 2021-09-20 Chinese 0 NA Apply
International Cooperation Department of Anhui Medical College
Tel: +86-551-63862217
632 Furong Road, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China  230601
E-mail: zhangshoubing@ahyz.edu.cn

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