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Zhejiang Ocean University(浙江海洋大学)

Founded in 1958, Zhejiang Ocean University (ZJOU) is situated in the urban area of Zhoushan Archipelago New Area which is the first state-level new area featuring marine economy. For about sixty years, Following the principle of “Embracing Diversity and Pursuing Excellence”, with the characteristics of ocean science, ZJOU has become a province-affiliated institution of higher learning with the qualification of Master Degree and CSC students admission.

It covers an area of 1.739 million sq.m(sea use area of 0.48 sq.m), including a floorage of more than 0.482 million sq.m, and it boasts a collection of 430 million RMB yuan of teaching and research equipment. There are 11228 full-time students and 1127 full-time faculty and staff members, among which there are 781 faculty members,417 professors and associated professors, and 392 people with Ph.D. degrees. There are 10 schools, 3 research institutions (Marine Fisheries Res. Inst. of Zhejiang Province, Innovation &Application Res. Inst., and ECS Development Res. Inst.). In addition, there is one independent college -Donghai Science and Technology. There are 48 specialties for Bachelor students, among which the Maritime Fishery Science and Technology and the Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering are national characteristic specialty. There are 2 first-class provincial subjects (Marine Science and Fishery), there are 7 second-class provincial subjects (Food Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering, Chinese History, Mathematics, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. In addition, there are 3 first-class subjects for Master Degree (Marine Science and Technology, Fishery, Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering).

ZJOU attaches great importance to talents cultivation. There are Cultivation Platform for Excellent Agriculture and Forestry Talents in Maritime Fisheries Science and Technology, the experimental teaching demonstration center of Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering, ZJOU-YangFAN Undergraduate Off -Campus Practice Base, and the Marine Science Field Practice Base of National Natural Science Foundation of China in Changjiang River estuary and adjacent sea areas. In addition, there exists the first experimental teaching demonstration center for Island Wildness Survival.
 Looking backward, ZJOU has been awarded 2 Second National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, has been awarded 1 First Zhejiang Provincial Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, and has been awarded 1First Prize of High School Science Research Excellent Achievement of the Ministry of Education. In addition, the research vessels “Zhehaike NO.1” and “Zheyuke No.2” of ZJOU are included in National Maritime Researches Vessels. Zhejiang Ocean University attaches great importance to technology innovation. There is The National Research Centre for Marine Facility Aquaculture Engineering and Technology, Local and State Joint engineering laboratory of marine biological germplasm resources, 24 Zhejiang Provincial key laboratories, engineering laboratories, engineering technology research centers, Collaborative Innovation Center.

On the one hand, Zhejiang Ocean University make contributions to serve the local government, on the other hand, we devote to develop international cooperation. International cooperation relationships are established with over 50 universities and institute, concluding the joint labs construction ,the joint research center construction, as well as conducting the Joint Bachelor Program in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Specialty with Russia Sin-Petersburg State Marine Technical University , and a Jointly Running School with University of Pisa in Italy ---- Pisa Marine Graduate School of Zhejiang Ocean University and the Joint Doctor Program With South Ural State University of Russia in Russia, University of Pisa in Italy and so on. Since 2009, we have started to recruit international students and are approved to recruit international students with CSC scholarships. We would like to extend our sincere welcome to students all over the world to study here.
At present, taking the chance both of the establishment of marine silk-road and of the construction of Strong Oceanic Country, Zhejiang Ocean University, adhering to connotation-oriented development, collaborative innovation, and international educational and sci-tech cooperation, is optimizing management, developing its characteristics, strengthening advantages, promoting teaching and research quality, striving to become a high-level oceanic university with great influence both at home and abroad . 

Contact Address: No.1, South Haida RD, Lincheng Street, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City,Zhejiang 316022, P R China        


Tel: +86 580 8180386 , Fax: +86 580 8180386        

Email: wsc@zjou.edu.cn

International Students Dorm with Standard rooms:
double-bed rooms within an air conditioner and a fridge.
Public kitchen rooms and public bathroom

Lodging fee: 5400RMByuan  for one bed for 12 months

Tuition fees:

For Chinese study or training: 16000RMByuan per academic year;

For Bachelor degree: 14000-16500RMByuan per academic year;

For Master degree:  18000-22000RMByuan per academic year for master degree program.


 1. full scholarship for applicants from brother universities in accordance with collaborative agreement.
 2. part scholarship which covers tuition fees and lodging fees for one year:  for applicants who are evaluated very outstanding.



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