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Shengyang Sport University(沈阳体育学院)

Overview of Shenyang Sport University




Shenyang Sport University is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Shenyang City has a long history for around 2600 years and possesses a good culture atmosphere and environment. As the center of economics, politics and culture in the northeast region, Shenyang is the biggest city in Northeast China. Founded in 1954, Shenyang Sport University is one of the leading sports educational institutes in China. It has a total construction area of 304,000㎡. It offers top-notch track and field training hall, wushu/gymnastics center, indoor tennis center, ping-pong/ badminton center, swimming pool, standard plastic track, football field, golf training course, multi-function hall and many other distinctive teaching stadiums. The hotel-standard International Student Apartment can accommodate 300 foreign students. It’s equipped with kitchen, dining room and other service facilities. Students can enjoy a very lovely environment inside and outside school.

The existing staffs of Shenyang Sport University are 722, including 495 teaching faculties. Shenyang Sport University orients to cultivating good quality applied sports talents with a current enrollment of 7177undergraduates and 1171 graduates.

The 18 undergraduate majors cover five disciplines: teaching, management, culture, science and arts, including 2 national characteristic majors, 1 national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point, 4 provincial-level first-class undergraduate education demonstration specialty, 3 provincial-level first-class undergraduate specialty construction points, 7 provincial-level demonstration majors, 2 provincial-level demonstration majors for transformation and development, 5 provincial-level transformation and development pilot specialty, and provincial-level comprehensive There are 2 pilot programs and 3 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot programs. It has 1 National Excellent Video open course, 14 provincial excellent courses, 3 provincial excellent video open courses, 2 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 6 provincial sports excellent courses and 1 provincial public art course.

The university also enjoys 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincially graded educational practice bases, and one provincially graded innovative experimental area for talent-cultivating model. It also has 23 teaching and training scientific research bases at the provincial and ministry level, of which the Technique Diagnosis and Fitness Evaluation Lab for Winter Sports is one of the first three “AAA level” labs approved by the State General Administration of Sport..

Since the 13th five year plan, the school has been approved 15 national scientific research projects, including 14 National Natural Science and social science fund projects, 1 national key research and development program project, more than 90 science and technology awards at provincial and ministerial level and more than 40 science and technology service projects of the State Sports Administration. The Key Laboratory of winter sports technical diagnosis and function evaluation of State General Administration of physical education is the largest comprehensive research and Development Laboratory of sports major in Northeast China. Sports social science research center is the key research base of Humanities and social sciences of Liaoning Education Department and sports philosophy and social science key research base of State Administration of physical education. Northeast Asian Sports Research Center is Liaoning Province Liaoning sports industry development research base, a new think tank of colleges and universities, is the economic and social development research base of Liaoning Province. Journal of Shenyang Institute of physical education is a core journal of Chinese sports, a core journal of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences, and an extended source journal of CSSCI. The library has more than 870000 books.

The school has trained more than 60000 sports talents at all levels. All previous students have won 129 gold medals and 310 medals in the Olympic Games, world championships, world cup and other world competitions. In Freestyle Skiing Aerials, the self-developed athletes participated in the 18th-23rd Winter Olympic Games on behalf of the Chinese team, winning 10 of the 12 medals (1 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze) in the snow events in the history of China's Winter Olympics. Han Xiaopeng won the men's Freestyle Skiing Aerials championship in the 20th Winter Olympic Games, which achieved two "zero" breakthroughs in men's and snow events in the history of China's Winter Olympics. Zheng Shuyin won the women's Taekwondo 67kg champion in the 31st Summer Olympic Games. So far, the university has become the only university in China that has independently trained athletes and won gold medals in the winter and summer Olympic Games. The school has 26 projects, 40 school representative teams, and more than 700 students participate in the training. In the past three years, we have won 180 gold medals, 143 silver medals and 139 bronze medals in competitions at or above the provincial level. Cricket, skiing, mountaineering, fancy rope skipping and other school representative teams participated in international and intercontinental competitions on behalf of the country and achieved excellent results.

The school sport clubs came out on top in various national sports schools events including track and field, football, volleyball, Wushu, swim, sports dance, aerobics, Judose and other events.

The university has established exchanged programs with more than 30 universities and sports organizations in over 20 countries and regions including the United States, Great Britain, France, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Austria, and Australia.

Shenyang Sport University will uphold “Virtuous, Learned, Strong-willed and Excellent” school motto spirit and will strive to become top university domestically and well known internationally. 


Accommodation Fees(RMB):

Accommodation for long-term(more than 4months)foreign students:













Accommodation for short-term (under 4 months)foreign students:










Schools and Department

4-year education system for bachelor degree

School of Physical Education

Physical Education

School of Sports Training

Sports Training

School of Wushu and Dance

Wushu and Traditional Chinese Sports

Dance Performance

School of Management and Journalism & Communication

Sports Economics and Management


Online Media

School of Kinesiology


Exercise Rehabilitation

School of Sports for All

Guidance and Management of Sports for All

Leisurely and Recreational Sports

3-year education system for master degree

Graduate Department

Physical Education and Sports Training

Sports Humanities and Sociology


Traditional Chinese Sports

Sports Journalism and Communication

Sports Management

Exercise Rehabilitation




Admission Programs

Undergraduate program

Physical Education, Sports Training, Wushu and Traditional Chinese Sports,Sports Economics and Management,Kinesiology, Exercise Rehabilitation,Journalism,Online Media, Guidance and Management of Sports for All, Leisurely and Recreational Sports, Dance Performance.

Graduate program

Physical Education and Sports Training,Sports Humanities and Sociology,Kinesiology,Traditional Chinese Sports,Sports Journalism and Communication, Sports Management, Exercise Rehabilitation.

Non-degree courses

Wushu (Routines, Sanda),Taiji,Taekwondo, Boxing, Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket,Ski, Swimming, Basketball. Volleyball, Football,Track and Field, Trampoline, Sports Dancing. Aerobics, Chinese Medicine Theory, Chinese-style Exercise for Health Preservation and Promotion,etc.

Language program

Beginner's Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese.





Application requirements:

1 .Valid Passport (valid for more than 6 months) and Blank Page Copy

2. Notarized academic diploma and re

3 .One one-inch photo

4. Shenyang Sport University Applicatio for International students

Students should email scanning copy of these documents to iessytyxy@sina.com.

Application Time:

All the degree programs:

Fall Semester: before July 10 (Semester usually begins on 1 st September). Spring Semester: before January 10 (Semester usually begins on 1 st March).

Non-degree programs:

No deadline for special cases.

Contact the International Education School of SSU for more information.


On entry, a new student must complete a formal registration process at the International Students Office within a specified time period. Students must:

●Present the JW202 and Admission letter to the University.

●Fill out registration form.

●Pay tuition, accommodation, insurance, registration fees and other fees.

●SSU will allocate rooms for students and distribute Student Cards upon completion of the 3 steps above.

●Undergo a physical examination according to the relevant law in China.

●Register the address at the local police station in 24 hours.








Annual Tuition Fees for full-time students:





Masters Students


Language Students




Tuition Fees for the short-term programs:



4weeks language study

1800(160minutes a day)

4weeks Sport training

3000(160minutes a day)












Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
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