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Guangxi Normal University(广西师范大学)

        Guangxi Normal University is located in Guilin, a world-famous tourist city with a long history and culture. Situated in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the southern part of China, Guilin is “renowned for its unique beauty of mountains and rivers”. Lijiang River, one of the well-known tourist attractions in Guilin, was listed by the US Cable News Network in 2013 as one of the world’s top 15 beautiful rivers worth visiting. Guilin’s Karst formation was selected into the World Natural Heritage in 2014.
        Guangxi Normal University, founded in 1932, is a key university in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is now co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Guangxi provincial government. It consists of 21 schools and colleges. Currently, it has 2400 the faculty and staff, and a population of 27,000 undergraduate students, 6,500 graduate students, 260 PhD candidates, over 1,700 international students under various programs, and more than 20,000 adult education studets. The university has 3 campuses - Wangcheng Campus, Yucai Campus, Yanshan Campus - covering a total area of 270 hectares. Of them, Wangcheng Campus is known to be one of the most beautiful campuses in China and the only one school campus in the country cited as a 5-A tourist spot.
      Guangxi Normal University offers Chinese courses ranging from short-term training, to undergraduate, Master’s degree and Doctor’s degree levels. The university offers 80 Bachelor degree programs, 18 professional master's degree, 30 Master degree programs, 6 Doctoral degree programs,3 post-doctoral research mobile stations,and has 6 first-class disciplines in Guangxi. The university has 35 provincial level key disciplines, covering 12 categories such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and arts. The College of Chinese Language and Literature is a national training and scientific research base for basic education in liberal arts. Diploma awarded by the university enjoys good reputation and is well recognized by its educational counterparts across the world.
        Guangxi Normal University has been enjoying fairly good reputation and influence internationally. It has established cooperative and exchange relations with over 200 universities and institutions of higher learning in more than 40 countries and regions. In the past 10 years or so, it has increasingly expanded its enrollment of international students, so far having received more than 15,000 short-term and long-term international students in total from more than 60 countries and regions. It has the authority to receive international students under the “Chinese Government Scholarship” awarded by China’s Ministry of Education, the “International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship ” by Center for Language Education and Cooperation, and “ASEAN Scholarship” by Guangxi Government. It is, in the meanwhile, the only university in Guangxi, approved by China’s Ministry of Education to be a Demonstration Base for foreigners studying in China, and approved by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under the State Council to be a national Chinese language education base. In 2018, Guangxi Normal University Passed the National Quality Certification of Studying in China.


Room Types

Payable Tuition

Room Facilities

Double air-conditioned room(RMB/Person/ Bed/ School year)


Standard configuration

Triple air-conditioned room

(RMB/Person/ Bed/School year)


Standard configuration

Accommodation address

Building 2, International Education Exchange Center, 15 Yucai Road, Guilin, Guangxi, China

I. How to Apply

1.Please visit the website:http://english.gxnu.edu.cn

2.Please send us application materials via email: admissn@mailbox.gxnu.edu.cn
3.Students who have sufficient basic knowledge of Chinese can apply at any time. Other students should apply prior to the start of a new semester.

4.If you need our help for a visa, please apply at least two months in advance.


5.Students applying for Training Programs, Short-Term Chinese Language and Culture Programs, and Study-Tour Programs can apply at any time and will be placed in an appropriate class.


II. Contact Us

Zhang Xi, Section Chief of International Admissions
Responsible for the planning, promotion, organization and coordination of admissions and cooperation projects.

Liu Yaqiong, Staff
Kim Dongsan, Staff
Responsible for study consultations, admissions, and materials submitted for approval. 

Tel:0086-773-5821163(International) 0773-5821163(Domestic) 
Fax:0086-773-5850305(International) 0773-5850305(Domestic)
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Chinese language program

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Bachelor Degree

Liberal Arts Majors



Science Majors



Athletic and Artistic Majors







Master Degree Candidate

Liberal Arts Majors



Science Majors



Athletic and Artistic Majors







Master Degree Candidate

Liberal Arts Majors



Science Majors



Athletic and Artistic Majors





Chinese Government Scholarship 
2. Chinese Government Scholarship ---- Silk Road Scholarship 
2. International Chinese Language Teachers(Confucius Institute) Scholarship
3. Guangxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students
4. Principal Scholarship of Guangxi Normal University 
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