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Hebei Software Institute(河北软件职业技术学院)

Hebei Software Institute(HBSI) is under the direct auspices of Hebei Provincial Government. It is the first institutionalized vocational school specialized in IT techonlogy and the largest high-caliber IT talent training center in Hebei Province. In the meantime, the school is rated as an Excellent College-level Vocational School Construction Unit and one of the 35 Demonstration School in Hebei Province. In August 2021, HBSI was successfully selected into the vocational education demonstration virtual simulation training base cultivation project of the Ministry of Education.



Situated in Baoding, well-known historic and cultural city in Hebei Province, HBSI covers an area over 300mu(200,000㎡) and owns a building area of 210,000㎡ in total. It currently has 12,000 full-time students, among whom 7,338 students are studying IT courses, making the school the largest one in all the higher vocational institutes in Hebei Province. Mr.Ni Guangnan, an eminent computer expert and Academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the Honorary President of the school.



In the past 50 years, HBSI is committed to the motto of “learning with determination, harboring lifelong ambition, and focusing on action”, observes the operating principle that “there is no distance between teaching contents in the school and actual needs in the society, and so is the relationship between quality of students and requirements of jobs”, sticks to the operational positioning of “centering on higher vocational education and serving IT industry”, and carries forward the spirit of “people-centered development, democracy and harmony, start-up and innovation, and ceaseless self-improvement”. Taking advantage of the coordinated development among Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as well as the building of Xiong’an New Area, the school accelerates its layout of new specialties and the transformation and upgrading of traditional specialties with a focus on high-end and hi-tech industries. With ICT as the core, HBSI focus on building eight characteristic professional groups of Software Big Data, Internet of Things Network Communication, Cloud Computing, Animation Production, Intelligent Manufacturing, Construction Engineering, E-commerce and Accounting&Finance, so as to cultivate high-quality technical talents with international vision for the front line of production, construction, management and service.



HBSI unswervingly follows the path of “creating HBSI characteristics through the integration of production with teaching, and serving the community through the improvement of teaching quality”, persistently deepens the educational and teaching reforms, tremendously promotes the technical innovation and service abilities, substantially expands international communication and cooperation, and coordination, the school will promote the innovation development of its talents cultivation undertakings by giving full play to the spirit of craftsmanship, and forge HBSI into a high-quality and unique modern vocational college and an import pool of technological and skill resources in the region, with its overall levels ranking among the top in Hebei Province and its star courses achieving national excellence and highly recognized across the world.


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School Motto: learn with determination, harbour lifelong ambition, and focus on action


Operational Positioning: center on higher vocational education and serve IT industry


Unique Positioning: take advantage of opportunities in modern and emerging industries, contribute to the economic and social development in the region, build the highland for the cultivation of talents with good command of new IT technologies and skills, and create R&D base for IT innovations.


Operating Philosophy: put knowledge into practice, emphasize virtue and improve competence, pursue excellence, build up presence


School Spirit: people-centered development, democracy and harmony, start-up and innovation, and self-discipline


 Development Strategies: brand feature strategy, quality-based and benefit-oriented strategy, talent-based school-invigorating strategy, full opening-up strategy


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