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Guangxi Science & Technology Normal University(广西科技师范学院)

Guangxi Science & Technology Normal University (GSTNU)is a typical full-time public undergraduate university, located in Laibin City, a new rising city in the center of Guangxi. Founded in 1958 and has trained over 60,000 qualified teachers and various pragmatic professionals .

GSTNU attaches great importance to international exchange and collaboration. It has continued to employ foreign teachers from the UK, USA, Vietnam and Thailand, and has established friendly Sino-foreign cooperative education with more than 30 schools in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. At the same time, the university has continuously selected outstanding teachers to go abroad for academic exchanges and teaching, which effectively promote the level and extend the space of running a school.

In the recent years, GSTNU has exchanged more frequently with colleges in ASEAN countries. Over 200 Chinese students have been to study in Thailand and Vietnam. Also, nearly 400 foreign students have come here for study or further education. Besides, the university has sent excellent teachers to teach in Japan, Algeria, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and Laos.

Two or Four people share a room. Rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, washing machine,desk , Wardrobe, internet access, 2 bathrooms, hot shower system. Students must pay for their own hot water, electricity and Internet service. 

Admission Type

Eligibility and time of application


1.Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, above the age of 18, have attained a senior high school diploma, be in good health condition, respect Chinese customs and habits, abide by laws and regulations, and have no criminal record.

2.Diploma Program(Computer Science and Technology):Applicants should have good academic performance, English or Chinese language proficiency. If the applicants from non-English speaking countries apply for majors lectured in English, IELTS transcript with at least 5 points within expiration date or English language proficiency certificate of the same level must be provided.

3.Diploma Program( Chinese Language and Literature) and Non-diploma Program:At least junior high school education and should have good academic performance.

Application Time  

Every year from March to June

Application procedures

1.Please send the following documents to email guojiaochu@163.com

Application Form For International Students of GSTNU.It can be downloaded from the school website at http://en.gxstnu.edu.cn/ 

(2) An electronic 2-inch passport-style photo.

(3)Copy of your valid passport (the photo page).

(4) Copy of your original highest degree certificate and certified copies in Chinese or English.

(5) Copy fo your original highest degree transcript and certified copies in Chinese or English.

(6) Copy of original IELTS certificate or English proficiency certificate. (English-lectured majors applicants must provide)

(7) Copy of original medical report and certified copies in Chinese or English.

(8) Copy of original certificate of non-criminal record and certified copies in Chinese or English.

(Only the first three items are provided of Non-diploma Program )

2.GSTNU will send Applicants the Admission Notice and Visa Application (JW202 form) for Study in China for “X1” visa application in the Chinese embassy. All the International students matriculated in GSTNU are responsible for their visa application on their own.

3.Enrollment:September of each year. The definite date will be informed on Admission.All the matriculated students should register in GSTNU on time with the admission letter and JW202 form.


Add:966 Tiebei Road, Laibin, Guangxi, P.R.China    546100

Website: http://www.gxstnu.edu.cn


Mr.Ai:  0086772—6620771;0086—13557126628

Ms.Qin:  0086772—6620771;0086—18677206029


E-mail: guojiaochu@163.com      

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