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Anhui Polytechnic University(安徽工程大学)

Brief Introduction to AHPU  
Anhui Polytechnic University (AHPU) is a provincial, multi-disciplinary university with strength in engineering and one of the universities for priority development in Anhui. It has got funded by “National Midwestern Fundamental Capacity Construction Project ” and authorized as the pioneering institution to carry out comprehensive reforms and all-round innovation reforms. The schooling can be traced back to 1935 when the Spanish Catholic Church founded Anhui Neisi Technical School, which, thereafter, renewed its name as Wuhu Electrical Motor Manufacture School , Wuhu Mechanical School,  Anhui college of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering , Anhui University of Technology & Science and Anhui Polytechnic University since 2010. 

Currently, with disciplines covering engineering, science, humanities, management, economy, law and arts etc., AHPU comprises 14 schools, offering 70 undergraduate programs, among which 14 are national or provincial featured programs, 15 are national or provincial comprehensive reform programs and 12 are national or provincial “Excellent Talents Programs”. It also contains the national off-campus internship base. AHPU runs the master programs in 12 major disciplines and 7 professional master programs ,of which 5 are in engineering fields. AHPU has established “the provincial joint-education base for graduate students”, “the provincial case library of professional master programs” and “the spreading center of teaching cases”. Nowadays, AHPU is jointly constructing “School of international engineers” with Wuhu municipal government and thus initiates a new talent cultivation pattern characterized by a combination of “Industry, School, Research and Application” and an integrity of “Internationalization, Engineering, Industrialization and Diversity”. AHPU has established partnership with about 20 renowned universities from USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan Region to carry out joint-education programs, talent cultivation and scientific researches.

AHPU has been active in its scientific pursuits and has made a lot of advances. Among all the research projects, there are more than 80 under 863 Programs, National Natural Science Funds or National Social Science Funds and the like, over 30 designated by Ministry of Education or Ministry of Science and Technology and over 400 other projects by the provincial government. Over 40 research projects  have got awarded at the provincial level. There are 1 provincial leading discipline (Controlling Science & Engineering), 6 provincial key disciplines (Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation, Detection Technology & Automatic Equipment, Textile Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Management Science & Engineering and Design Art) and 15 national or provincial Sci-tech innovation platforms (National Engineering & Research Center jointly built with EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co.ltd, National Innovation & Service Center of Textile Industry, Wanjiang Collaborative Innovation Center for High-end Manufacturing Equipment, Research Center of Design and Arts etc.)  The Analyzing and Measuring Center is of the provincial qualification for foods inspection. The “Journal of AHPU” has been selected as a journal source by “Chemistry Digest” of the United States and “Digest Magazine” of Russia.

AHPU sticks to the schooling principle of “Rooted in quality, Enhanced by talents and Renowned for features & harmony” and its education concept of “Honesty, Modesty and Assiduity”. With the motto of “Virtue and Knowledge, Truth and Innovation”, AHPU has been adopting the strategy of “Enhanced by talents, Driven by innovation, Open schooling and Characteristic development”. Stressing the qualitative development, AHPU aims to cultivate high-quality, application-oriented talents with social responsibility, innovative spirits, consciousness of entrepreneurship and practical abilities. As one of the “Top 50 Universities” for graduate employment in China and “The Model University” for  students’ innovation education in Anhui, AHPU has been praised for 8 successive years by Anhui provincial government and awarded as the model among Anhui universities for five successive years for the great job done in graduate employment .

Single room and 3 or 4 students sharing an apartment with public kitchen, bathroom and living room.
     Contact Information
     International Office
     Anhui Polytechnic University, Beijing Middle Road, Wuhu, Anhui, 241000
     P.R. China
     Tel: +86-553-2871021
     Fax: +86-553-2871076

     Email: wsb@ahpu.edu.cn
     Website: http://oiec.ahpu.edu.cn/


      Candidates: Full-time master program students

     Duration:Master program3 years

Master programs




1.School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Master program

Mechanical Engineering(Master of  Engineering)

Orientations: Mechanical Design; Robotics; New Energy Source Auto; Digital Design

2.School of
Electrical engineering

Master program

Control Science and Engineering(Master of  Engineering)

Orientations: Modeling ,Control and Optimization for Complex System; Analysis and Design of Motion Control System; Advanced Sensing and Detection Technology; Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Information Processing

3. School of Biological and Chemical Engineering


Master program

1.Bioengineering(Master of  Engineering)

Orientations: food fermentation technology; Biological medicine; Biological carrier materials

2.Chemistry(Master of  Science)

Orientations:  Metal-Organic Coordinated Complexes for Conversion of Natural Resources ; Clean Energy Materials and Photoelectrochemistry ; Novel Photocatalytic Materials and  Photocatalysis Chemistry;Green Polymer Materials and Chemistry for Conversion of Natural Resources

4.School of Management Engineering


Master program

Industrial economics (Master of  Economics)

Orientations: Industrial Structure Upgrading; Industrial Clustering& Regional Development; International Trade& Industrial Internationalization

5. School of Textile and Garment


Master program

Textile Science and Engineering (Master of  Engineering)

Orientations: Advanced fiber material and textile processing technology;Ecological dyeing & finishing technology and theory;Clothing engineering and theoretical research


     Admission Requirements:


Academic Requirements:

Language Requirements:


Master program

Bachelor’s degree diploma

English proficiency is sufficient and HSK score is not necessary


Scholarship and financial Aid
  • Anhui Provincial government scholarship
The scholarship applicants should be international students for long-term programs. The master program students (about 10%) may be granted up to CNY30,000 a year.
  • AHPU scholarship
AHPU offers CNY20,000 for the first year for all outstanding international master program students (not compatible with Anhui Provincial government scholarship). For the following two years, applicants are likely to be granted with Anhui Provincial government scholarship(about 10%, CNY30,000 a year), or AHPU scholarship with  CNY 8000--20,000 a year on competitive basis (about 70%).
  • On-campus work-study and Research assistant position
International students can apply for on-campus work-study positions and research assistant positions offered by professors.
Fees and costs (CNY)
Application Fee : 400
Tuition Fee : 20,000 per year
On-campus accommodation: 3500 per year (single room and 3 or 4 students sharing an apartment with public kitchen, bathroom and living room)
Living expenses (monthly):  About 1000
Textbooks (per year) : About 500
Insurance (per year) : 800
Physical Examination(per year) : 400
Residence Permit : 800
1.Only CNY is acceptable.
2.The tuition fees should be paid on a lump sum basis before the start of each academic year.
3.The tuition fees paid are generally non-refundable.
Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
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