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Tongren Preschool Education College(铜仁幼儿师范高等专科学校)

Tongren Preschool Education College (hereafter as TPEC) is situated in the one of the main urban areas of Tongren City, Guizhou Province. Tongren city gained world recognition due to its unique and natural landscape, which is the home of the sacred Fanjing mountain. Fanjing mountain is now classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. Tongren city is set at the heart of China’s extensive transportation hub, and has easy access to air, rail and motor traffic. Tongren Fenghuang Airport connects to domestic and international flights which cover major large and medium-sized cities in China as well as some other countries. The Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway line passes right through the main urban areas of the country and the motorways are connected to every single county of our province.

TPEC boasts a 100-year history. It was established in 1919. It’s expanding its scale year by year. At present, there are more than 600 full-time and part-time faculty and staff. 65% of the full time faculty own medium-level and high-level professional title rank. 40 % of the full time faculty obtain master’s and doctor’s degree. The college has six faculties and sixteen specialisms which include preschool education, primary education, English education, music education, dance performance, tourism management, hotel management. At present, there are more than 12,000 students in the college. Its teaching facilities are being improved and the present campus covers an area of 1,000 mu (nearly 666,667㎡). The planned construction area is 280,000 ㎡, of which 130,000 ㎡ are already completed.

TPEC attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation and is continuously expanding its international channels for running school. It has established friendly and cooperative relations with many universities as well as research institutions in more than 10 countries including the United States, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore etc. More than 100 international students from 13 countries including Russia, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia have registered in TPEC since 2018.
     An experienced team composed of talented teachers in TPEC facilitates the teaching of Chinese language and Chinese culture courses for beginners, elementary, intermediate and advanced international students. The courses aim to boost their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of Chinese language. Apart from the language courses, there are some courses about Chinese traditional culture for strengthening students’ language proficiency and other artistic talents.

Accommodation fee:
4-people shared room: RMB 1200 / per person / per year; 

Double room: RMB2400 / per person / per year; 

 (All these rooms are equipped with separate toilet, bathroom, Wi-Fi, air conditioner,public kitchen)

Application Documents

(1) Application form for International students in Tongren Preschool Education College.

(2)Scholarship Application form for International students in Tongren Preschool Education College.

(3)The highest diploma and the school transcript of the previous school (clearly copied or scanned).

(4) Copy of certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (level 4) (college student’s applicants need to provide).

(5) Passport copied or scanned.

(6)The copy of the recent visa to China and copy of the stamp file of entry and exit if the applicants have ever visited China before.

(7) Health report issued by foreign hospitals have been recognized by Chinese embassy abroad.

(8)Two photos of 2 x 2 inches, white background, with no cap/hat.

(9)Personal Resume (English version) (a photo of 2 x 2 inches attached).

(10)Certificate to show the applicant has no criminal record.

(11) Financial Sponsor Agreement

(12) The school would inform the applicant if other materials are needed.

Note: Whether the applicant is being admitted or not, the application materials could not be returned. In addition, the applicant is possibly interviewed remotely by voice call or video call.








Start your application by clicking our link below:

https://trpec.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx  or http://guizhou.ciss.org.cn/uni_show_trpec/8.html








  I. Tuition fee

Education Category



College Education


Three years




Chinese language


One year



II. Accommodation


Room Type


Separate Toilet

Separate Bathroom

Air Conditioner


Four-bed Room


Public Kitchen

Double Room


Public Kitchen


III. Others






Residence permit


Medical check

About 350/time

Living expenses in campus

800-1000/month (depending on individual consumption habits ) 


TPEC President Scholarship for International students


1. 申请条件 

Applying requirements


Students applying for the scholarship should meet at least one of the requirements as follow:

(1)我校汉语进修生,具有高中以上学历, 高中阶段学习成绩优异,年龄不超过30周岁。

For a Chinese language program student, the applicant should be under 30 and have good performance in the present study with the senior high school education certificate previously conferred. 


As a three-year undergraduate program student, the applicant should be under 30 and have good performance in the present study with the senior high school education certificate and HSK-4 Certificate previously conferred.


Other applicants applying for Chinese language training program or major study should be the assigned students from our College's overseas collaborators or from our government cooperative projects.





The applicants must comply with Chinese laws and regulations, and obey school rules and regulations;


The applicants must respect China by following Chinese ethics and customs;


The applicants must respect College faculty and staff, be honest, cooperative and ready to help fellow students and have good moral integrity.


The applicants must take an active part in college activities and perform well in all rounds;


In addition, the applicants must also be diligent in studying every subject with no fail. 


Each semester should be no more than 10 credit hours of unexcused absence of class.


The applicants must abide by the dormitory regulations for international students.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
1 Associate degree 2021-05-15 2021-08-01 2021-09-01 Bilingual 14000 NA Apply
2 Associate Degree 2021-05-15 2021-08-01 2021-09-01 Bilingual 14000 NA Apply
3 Chinese Language Program 2021-05-15 2021-08-01 2021-09-09 Chinese 14000 NA Apply



TPEC is a project construction of high-quality vocational college in Guizhou Province. It has gained such distinctions as being the Chinese language education base in Guizhou, the inheritance and demonstration base in the hometown of Chinese Tujia’s hand-waving dance, the inheritance and demonstration base in the hometown of Chinese Tujia’s lantern, the production and research base in Chinese Yuping’s pipe and jade-flute and the inheritance base in Qiandong ethnic folk dance. It appears to be unique and distinct in being a school possessed by a number of national and provincial key specialties, excellent courses and distinguished teaching teams, which draw attention to the cultivation of multi-skilled talents with one specialty.

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