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Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology(南京交通职业技术学院)

Established in 1953, Nanjing Vocational Institute of Transport Technology (referred to as NJITT), an affiliate to Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, was the first transportation school in Jiangsu province after the founding of People’s Republic of China. NJITT has a long history and rich cultural heritage. With many years’research and innovative exploration, NJITT has gained great achievements. To name a few, the only develop unit of the state auto maintenance engineer, senior technician's professional standard and appraisal question bank; the first domestic test training base serving the national highway water transportation project; the only national modern logistics training base in eastern China supported by the ministry of transportation; east China only Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen training center; the only Changan Ford training center in East China; the only vocational college directly involved in the Jiangsu expressway, cross river bridge, national and provincial trunk highway construction; vocational training and qualification center of the employees of the highway and automobile industry in Jiangsu province, etc. NJITT has delivered more than 60 thousand high-quality technical talents for Jiangsu transportation industry, containing 1000 chief engineers and general managers of transportation civil engineering enterprises. 60% project manager and technical backbone of provincial highway traffic construction, financial leaders of the provincial transportation system, senior manager of 4S auto shop of the whole province are graduated from NJITT. The college has contributed a lot to Jiangsu transport construction brand and transportation service brand, known as “Whampoa Military Academy" of Jiangsu transportation personnel training place.

NJITT is made up of school of automotive engineering, school of road bridge & harbor engineering, school of transportation & management, school of electronic information engineering, school of rail transit engineering school of architectural engineering, department of arts & humanities, school of continuing education and basic teaching units. NJITT sets up 35 professional majors. In 2005 NJITT passed the education of ministry evaluation of higher vocational college with excellent results. In 2008 NJITT became a demonstrative vocational college of Jiangsu Province. In 2010 the college took the leading role to build up the Jiangsu transportation vocational education group. In 2012 the college was honored to be the experimental institution of national education system reform and comprehensive reform of provincial higher education. Recent years NJITT was honored provincial government cradle award for high skilled personnel, provincial excellent teaching college, excellent group of provincial college graduates employment, provincial civilized unit(campus), excellent group of ideological and political education of provincial college and etc,. NJITT was elected as one of “Top 50 Service Contributions and Top 50 International Influence of Higher Vocational College in China”for three years. The main core index and comprehensive strength of the college takes the leading role of the higher vocational college in Jiangsu province.

NJITT makes full use of brand and professional advantages to expand international education cooperation and exchanges. NJITT has become one of the Global Education Alliance GEC members and has carried out cooperation with The Belt and Road initiatives vocational education. NJITT has started to recruit international students in Southeast Asian countries and Nigeria ,Lesotho and other countries. NJITT has received visiting group from Laos and other countries and regions to enhance international education and provide service The Belt and Road initiative.

Four students will share one apartment, well-equipped with facilities for showering and toilet; well-furnished with bed and clothes, study desk, wardrobe; self-contained electrical appliances such as air-conditioner, water heater, washing machine and internet.

Well felicities for cooking, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave stove, electromagnetic oven and cookers, dining table; well-furnished activity room with TV set.


Application Requirements

  1. Have good knowledge and friendly attitude towards China, abide by laws and regulations with no criminal record;
  2. Have good health and comply with the provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Emigration and Immigration Administration;
  3. Have good academic performance meeting the enrolment requirements of specific program;
  4. Applicants for the international students program should have graduated from high school and not exceed 20 years old.
Application Documents
  1. A valid foreign passport or certificate of nationality;
  2. Non-criminal record;
  3. Health certificate;
  4. Formal authorization from the parents if applicants are under the age of 18 and their parents do not reside in China permanently;
  5. Notarized diploma or degree and notarized academic transcripts;
  6. HSK-4 certificate if applying for the Chinese-taught programs;
  7. English proficiency certificate for applicants from non-English speaking countries applying for English-taught programs;
  8. One recommendation letter from applicants’ professors within 6 months before the application date;
  9. Resume of applicants’ educational and personal background and supporting documents.

Note: Applicants should submit scanning copies of the above documents when applying, and bring original documents for check when coming to register. All the application documents will not be returned, whether you are admitted or not.

Contact Person: Ms. Yang 

E-mail: njittrecruit@126.com

Tel: 0086-25-86115930

1.Three-year diploma program student :5400 Yuan/year

2.One-year Chinese language student:6000 Yuan/year

First-class scholarship covers full tuition fees.

Second-class scholarship covers half tuition fees.

Third-class scholarship covers accommodation fees.

The scholarship is assessed according to the application materials, other types of scholarships refer to the International Student Award Policy of NJITT.

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Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
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