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Changzhou College of Information Technology(常州信息职业技术学院)

Founded in 1962, Changzhou College of Information Technology is located in a Higher Vocational Park of Changzhou City in the hinterland of China's most economically developed Yangtze River Delta. It a beautiful place in scenery and full of modern atmosphere. It integrates teaching, scientific research, training, vocational skills appraisal and social services. 

CCIT covers an area of 1,042 mu, with a total construction area of  320,300 square meters. There are 12,315 full-time undergraduate students, 12,300 continuing education students, 248 international students, and 733 faculty members. CCIT has 7 secondary schools such as School of Intelligent Equipment, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Software and Big Data, School of Modern Service, School of Digital Creative, School of Continuing Education and School of Overseas Education together with 4 teaching departments such as School of Marxist, Department of Basic Teaching, Department of Public Foreign Language And Department of Sports.

CCIT is run on the concept of “relying on the information industry, cultivating information talents, serving the information society”. It has 40 majors, 8 national key specialties, 4 national training bases, 4 national quality courses, and 3 national quality resource sharing courses, 2 national quality online open courses, 1 national excellent teaching team, 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 national production and education alliance, 1 modern apprenticeship pilot program of the Ministry of Education, 2 national-level teaching resource pools. It is a high-skilled personnel training demonstration base of the National Labor and Social Security Department, the Ministry of Industry and a national software and information service outsourcing talent training base.

CCIT has won verities of honorary titles, such as “Excellent School of Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award”, “Charm Campus of National Higher Vocational College”, “Typical Experience College of National Graduate and Employment”, “Advanced Unit of National Higher Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education”, etc. Also, CCIT was selected as the Executive Director of the Software Industry Alliance of China, the Executive Secretariat of the China-South Africa Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance, the Vice Chairman of the National Higher Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, the first batch of Construction Units for Vocational Quality Education Bases and the first batch of Experimental School of Professional College Digital Campus Construction.

Living condition Information

(1) Accommodation: 4 students will share one dormitory, well-equipped with WI-FI, air-conditioner, washing machines, and so on.

(2)Canteen: Three meals one day will be in service in the canteens. Students can serve themselves according to their own tastes. The cost in the campus canteen is about RMB 600-1000/month, which varies from person to person.

Application Process

Step 1: Email to ccitsoe@163.com  to ask for “Admission Application Form for Foreign Students, Changzhou College of Information Technology” and fill in the form in Chinese or English according to the requirements.

Step 2: Submit the following application materials

①Application form;

②Recently taken bareheaded photo with white background(the photo should be in .jpg format with white background and no border; the head should account for 2/3 of the photo; the photo size is not less than 320 * 240 pixels and the aspect ratio is 4: 3; the size is 100-500kb);

③Copy of passport (pages with personal information. For those who have study experience in China, the study visa information page in China and residence permit information page);

④Certificate of highest diploma and transcript (submit translated versions in Chinese or English and get them notarized if the diploma and transcript are written in other languages);

⑤If the applicant is a student in school or at work, he/she must submit proof of attendance or proof of employment issued by the school or work unit (if it is a language other than Chinese or English, a Chinese or English translation must be submitted and Notarized);

⑥Certificate of HSK 4;

⑦Two recommendation letters from high school teachers or principal;

⑧Certificate of No Criminal Record (submit translated versions in Chinese or English and get them notarized if certificates are written in other languages)

⑨Certificates of physical examination;

Step 3: School of International Education will review the application materials and email letter of admission to qualified applicants within 20 working days.

Step 4: Successful applicants check the information on the letter of admission and remit CNY 400 application fee to CCIT’s bank account within 5 working days.

Step5: Successful applicants scan the remittance receipt and email to ccitsoe@163.com

Step6: CCIT will mail the original letter of admission, visa application form(JW202)and registration notice etc. to the address provided by applicants via EMS or DHL. Please check and find the materials enclosed.

Step 7: Successful applicants go to the Chinese Embassy in their countries and apply for visa for study in China (X1 visa) with the original letter of admission and “JW202” form.

Step 8: Successful applicants prepare to enter China and inform CCIT of their arrival information.

(2)Remittance information

Foreign Currency Account  

Account Name:Changzhou College of Information Technology
Account NO: 459871136742(CNY ONLY)/ 520971135393 (USD ONLY)
Bank Name: Bank of China, Changzhou branch
Bank Address: 21 Heping North Road Changzhou,Jiangsu,China

Chinese Currency Account

Account Name: Changzhou College of Information Technology

Account No: 1105020909000054710 (CNY ONLY)

Bank Name: Changzhou Guanghua Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Note: If you pay by remittance, please make sure to write down passport number and personal name.


1)Freshman Scholarship

2)Outstanding Student scholarshipOnly for self-financed students of the first and second year at school, with excellent scores and good performance, ranking among the best in schools comprehensive evaluation during the second and third academic year

Note: Scholarships are not deductible for tuition and accommodation fees. Students should pay all fees within Specified days upon arrival at the school. Scholarship will be awarded as monthly stipend after assessment. (10 months in total for 1 academic year)

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
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