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Hebei College of Science and Technology(河北科技学院)

Hebei University of Science and Technology was founded in 1991, approved by the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time undergraduate college with engineering as its main focus and coordinated development of engineering, management, economics, art and medicine. The school is supervised by the Hebei Provincial Department of Education and is located in Baoding City, a historical and cultural city known as the capital city and the south gate of the capital.

The school covers an area of 917,400 square meters, with a floor area of 352,200 square meters. There are more than 700 teachers and 15,000 students in the school.

The school cooperates with industry enterprises to explore the mechanism of teaching and production post exchange, and the mechanism of full-time and part-time teachers' mutual employment. The school takes multiple measures to build a "double-qualified" teacher team, and gradually establishes a teacher team that meets the demand in quantity, reasonable structure and overall quality. Teachers with senior titles accounted for 38.04%; Teachers with master's or doctor's degrees account for 67.94%, and teachers with double qualifications account for more than 50%. There are various outstanding talents, such as the State Council Special Allowance Recipient, China Good Person, Provincial Famous Teacher, Provincial Excellent Teacher, Doctoral Supervisor, Municipal Famous Teacher.

The university has the board of directors, the university affairs committee and the university party committee. The university implements the president responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors and implements the two-level management of the university and the college. The school mainly implements undergraduate education, and at the same time organizes higher vocational education at the junior college level.

The school’s teaching unit has five colleges, one faculty and two departments: Economics and Management, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering,Automotive Engineering,Civil Engineering, Art,Nursing, Public Courses, and the Training Department; the teaching assistance department is the Modern Education Center and library. At present, it offers mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, automobile service engineering, transportation, civil engineering, accounting, environmental design and other majors.The school currently has 36 undergraduate programs, including one provincial key development discipline and four provincial first-class undergraduate programs.

The school has a professional practice experimental teaching center and modern laboratory for machinery, automobile, finance, architecture, art, etc. with complete equipment and facilities, as well as a multimedia language room, a multi-functional lecture hall, a comprehensive stadium and other facilities and advanced equipment.

School according to applied talents training target, according to the physical, the concept of productive, set up smart line 4.0 standard (industry), new energy vehicles, construction engineering, financial training center and a batch of advanced instruments and equipment, optimization of experiment training room layout and function, has the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center 1, 8 field experiment center, basic and professional teaching laboratory 157 rooms, instruments and equipment for teaching and scientific research value of 106 million yuan, printed books in library of 1.079 million volumes, 161 stable off-campus practice and training bases.

Since the establishment, the school has adhered to the socialist direction of running schools, fully implemented the party’s educational policy, followed the laws of higher education, respected the dominant status of students, and successively introduced military culture, traditional culture and industrial culture, Formed a distinctive school characteristics.The school adheres to the school motto of "Correct virtue, kind to lifes, diligent in study, and enhance ability", adheres to the school philosophy of "survive by quality, seek development with characteristics, and seek the future with integrity", and insist on "students trust, parental reassuring, social recognition, and government satisfaction,and in accordance with the requirements of "knowledge + technology + ability + quality".The school is committed to cultivating talents with the spirit of dedication, innovation and professional skills。

The school has sent nearly 50,000 outstanding graduates to thousands of enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, and the employment rate remains above 95%. The school has been widely recognized by students, parents, employers and the society, and its social reputation is increasing day by day.

Apartment Accommodation Costs:

Building No. 1  40 yuan/bed/day

Building No. 2  30 yuan/bed/day

Building No. 3  25 yuan/bed/day

Application qualification:

1. Non-Chinese citizens

2. At least 18 years old.

3. Have a high school diploma or above.


Apply for majors:

Our school recruits academic students and non-academic advanced students

1. All majors can be taught in Chinese (those who have not reached the standard can apply for one-year Chinese tuition);

2. If other majors need to be taught in English, please consult the International Exchange Center.


Applicants should provide the following materials:

1. Application Form for International Students of Baoding University of Technology (see appendix)

2. Passport (copy)

3. Personal resume or work resume (Chinese and English)

4. Final academic certificate or certificate of enrollment (copy and Chinese translation)

5. The final academic transcript (original)

6. Recommendation letter (required for academic degree students and international exchange students)

7. HSK test certificate (copy)

8. Valid documents of guardian/guarantor (passport or ID card, copy), certificate (original, see appendix)

9. Medical certificate (copy, see appendix)

10. Application fee receipt (copy)



1.After receiving your complete application materials and passing the examination, we will send the "Admission Notice" and "JW202" (Visa Application for Study in China) in three weeks. After receiving the "Baoding University of Technology Admission Notice" and JW202 form, you can apply for a study visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate with the above materials. After successfully applying for a visa, please email us your school arrival time.

2.The faxed application form and materials are invalid. The materials sent and the application fee are not refundable.

3.Each copy of this form is limited to one period. If you want to apply for more than two periods, please fill in the application form separately (the application form can be copied and used).


Application date:

Fall Semester --- May 15

Spring Semester --- November 15


How to apply:

Send the above application materials to the mailbox before the specified date: cicc_hy@163.com


Contact information:

Contact: Ella

Telephone: 0312-2195767


Fees for self-financed students:

Student category


Application fee


16,000 yuan / academic year

800 yuan

Junior College Student

16,000 yuan / academic year

800 yuan

General Scholar

16,000 yuan / academic year

600 yuan

Chinese Short-term Student

10000 yuan / three months

4800 yuan/month


Description of Other Expenses:

Insurance fee for studying in China: 600 yuan/year/person

Visa extension fee: 800 yuan/year/person

Living expenses: about 1500 yuan/month/person

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
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