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Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College(柳州职业技术学院)

Introduction of Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College

Liuzhou vocational and technical college(LVTC) is a national key vocational college, national high quality vocational college, "national double high-level Plan" construction unit, the national teaching management top 50,the national student management top 50, the national teaching resources top 50 in vocational colleges, and the national innovation and entrepreneurship top 50 in national key vocational colleges. According to the ranking by the third party, the college ranks top 3% in comprehensive strength, scientific research competitiveness and influence among more than 1,420 higher vocational colleges in China, taking a leading position in China.

There are now over 15,000 full-time students, nearly 800 faculty and staff members, 9 schools, 56 majors in LVTC, and with 13 national professions (groups) , 13 national training bases, 1 national skilled master studio, 2 national teaching teams, 1 national teaching master and 1 national collaborative innovation center, 7 national teaching achievements, LVTC is one of the colleges which owns the most national-level projects and honors.

LVTC has actively brought in advanced international standards, industry standards and enterprise. After the implementation of many projects, the standard of running college is greatly increased. The projects include DMG MS CNC Technology Center approved by the Ministry of Education, FANUC CNC System Application Technology Center Project, Siemens Advanced Automation Technology Joint Demonstration & Training Center Project, Sino-German Automotive Vocational Education Project (SGAVE) by the Ministry of Education, British Modern Apprenticeship Project, German “Dual System” Project, Sino-German AHK (Liuzhou) Occupational Education Training Center and European Sommelier Training Program,  “Guest Service Gold” Certification of American Hotel Association project etc. Moreover, LVTC has built a Global Customer Experience Center with LiuGong Group, a Global top 50 construction machinery company. In 2019, LVTC established an AHQ Institute with AHQ Group in Saudi Arabia and LiuGong Group which makes it the first national vocational college realizing the international export of specialty standards and resources in construction machinery.

Securing a foothold in the local region, integrating into the local region and serving the local region, LVTC successively set up the School of Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodle Industry (the first one in China) and the School of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry (the first industry-based school of LVTC in the field of specialties under the Plan). It proactively promotes the cooperation with enterprises, the infusion between industry and education, and the collaborative education, which leads the unceasing improvement on talents training level. Since the graduate employment rate reached more than 95%, LVTC has been rated as "advanced unit on graduate employment work in Guangxi universities " for 19 years in a row, providing talent support for the development of the local industries with high quality.

In order to develop a better cooperation on talents training and technical research between the college and enterprises, to provide core technology support for local enterprises, LVTC established a Collaborative Innovation Research Institute with Liudong new district, co-built a Liugong-LVTC Global Customer Experience Center with LiuGong Group which is one of the global top 500 construction machinery corporation, established an Intelligent Vehicles Training Center with SGMW, a Youth Innovation Practice Base with Guangxi Automobile Group Co.,Ltd.. Guangxi Automobile Industry Vocational Education Group, led by the LVTC, was enlisted as one of the first batch of the national demonstrative vocational education groups.

Actively introducing the performance excellence management mode(PEM), being customer-oriented, setting up the first "one-stop" student service center, realizing 24-hour response and all-round coverage, LVTC has won the 6th Mayor Quality Award of Liuzhou, which has set a precedent in guiding the reform, development and quality management with the standards of government quality award among the vocational colleges ,

Under the support of government in Guangxi , LVTC has received numerous rewards, such as National Advanced Unit in Vocational Education, National Advanced Unit in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education among the Higher Vocational Colleges, National Demonstration Unit of Skill Assessment for Young Workers , the first batch of National Models of Resource, National Outstanding Pilot Unit of Education informatization, National Excellent Teaching Team, the first group of National Vocational Education Innovation Teaching Team, provincial Civilized Unit and provincial Civilized Campus. 

Accommodation Fee (exclude summer and winter vocations)
1.A room for 6 persons:

2.A room for 4 persons:
1.Facilities in the apartment include 1-2 toilets,air conditioner, hot water,internet interface.
2.There are also rooms for 1-2 persons which charge according to different facilities and should be applied beforehand.

1. Application Procedure

Applicants must meet the required admission requirements, with the specific procedure as follows:

1) Applicants can obtain required submission materials and application forms from the International Exchange Office of LVTC, or visit the website: http://www.lzzy.net/ for “Download” links.

2) Application Materials:

a. Application Form for International Students to Liuzhou Vocational & Technical College

b. Photocopy of certificate of high school diploma or equivalent

c. Academic record certificate and other information

d. Curriculum vitae

e. Photocopy of valid passport (personal data page)

f. Photocopy of Certificate of HSK (Level III)

g. Electronic copy of photo (passport photo size, white background, within six months)

h. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners

i. Certificate of No Criminal Conviction (if necessary)

Please send the electronic versions of above materials to the International Exchange Office by email (lvtc_ied@163.com), and provide Application Form both in scanned and electronic versions after signing.

3) After receiving the above materials, the International Exchange Office will send the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202) to those who meet the admission requirements within two weeks.

2. Registration Materials:

1) Original of Admission Notice

2) Original and photocopy of passport

3) Original of Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW202)

4) 8 passport size photos within 6 months

Tuition and Fees


● Chinese Learning: 5000 CNY per semester, 8000 CNY per year

● Academic Education: 6000-8500CNY per year. For details, please check online: www.lzzy.net/english

2.Textbook: according to the actual costs

3.Physical Examination Fee: CNY 240-350 per person (according to the hospitals)

4.Insurance: 50-100CNY per month; 400-500CNY per half year; 800-1000CNY per year

5.Residence Permit Application Fee: about 400CNY per year


●LVTC offers two types of scholarships for international students: Freshmen Admission Scholarship and Outstanding Student Scholarship.

●Based on HSK test score and major you apply for in LVTC, you may apply for Freshmen Admission Scholarship according to your actual situation.


Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
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