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Hebei Normal University for Nationalities(河北民族师范学院)

Hebei Normal University for Nationalities is located in Chengde City---the famous international historical and cultural city, it is the only university for nationalities in Hebei Province. Grown out of Rehe Law School in 1907, Hebei Normal University for the Nationalities has a history of over 110 years.

Supported by Hebei provincial government and State Ethnic Affairs Commission of PRC, it is now one of the first five pilot universities for the “industry-education integration project” funded by the Ministry of Education and the National Development and Reform Commission of PRC. In 2016, it has been listed as one of the first 100 pilot universities for the program of Industry-oriented education and innovation, and also as the pilot university for the program of “Double hundred project” supported by the National Center for Schooling Development Program, Ministry of Education and GCC-GATE from the US. In 2020, it has been approved as Hebei Entrepreneurial University.

The university has an area of 650,000 square meters with a teaching body of 815 full-time faculty members and 11,238 students; it has seventeen schools and departments, covering a broad range of subjects, including arts and literature, social sciences, law, management, education, history and so on.

The university covers an area of 803,500 square meters, with a building area of 378,000 square meters. It has 670 faculty members and 12,800 students. The university presently has 17 academic schools including School of Literature and Media, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Art and Design, School of Foreign Languages, School of Teacher Education, School of Marxism, School of Music and Dance, School of Physical Education, School of History and Culture, School of Business, School of Physical and Electronic Engineering, School of Resources and Environmental Science, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Biology and Food Science, School of Tourism and Aviation Services, School of Innovative Entrepreneurship, School of Continuing Education, it has the existing 53 undergraduate majors, covering nine main areas including education, literature, history, science, management science, art, technology, law, economics.

The university has launched extensive international cooperation and academic exchanges, having already established formal cooperative relationships with 16 higher institutions and educational agencies from oversea, each year we sent student and teachers to those countries for academic exchanges and further study.





Type A: Double Room (for two occupants, Public toilets, public showers, a TV set, WiFi connection)

Room fee: 60 /day/person

Type B: Double Room (for two occupants, a toilet and bathroom, a TV set, an air conditioner, WiFi connection)

               Room fee: 60 /day/person

Floor unit facilities: A Communal kitchen & dining room a refrigerator, induction cookers, ovens, microwave ovens, range hood, frying pans and soup pots, washing machine

 The total accommodation fee is paid per semester or per academic year. 


Application/Admission Procedure:

1. Write to the University by email: 7377515@qq.com to get the nessesary forms. Get more information at www.hbun.edu.cn  

2. Submit the following documents:

i) Hebei Normal University Admission Form

ii) Resume Form

iii) Foreigners Physical Examination Form

iv) Highest diploma certificate or proof of prospective graduation and transcripts (degree program applicants must provide notarized copy)

v) Scanned copy of passport data page

vi) Certificate of no criminal record (students can provide proof of current enrollment)

vii) Language proficiency report (HSK)

viii) Official certificate of deposit (bank account with funds sufficient to cover tuition, accommodation and living expenses in China as well as travel expenses to and from China)

 Notarized English or Chinese translation is required for documents in languages other than English or Chinese.

3. Review of application documents and organizing of test/interview;

4. Payment of required fees (for qualified applications);

5. Mailing of admission notice and visa application form (JW201/JW202) by the university.

Fees and Expenses (currency: CNY)




Student Category Tuition Registration Insurance

Short-term Chinese

 Language Students


9000/3 months

600 400/semester

Long-term Chinese

 Language Students

¥16000/ year
Under- graduates Liberal Arts 18000/ year
Sciences 20000/ year
Fine Arts & Sports 26000/ year





 The insurance policy and fees are subject to change according to the requirements of related national departments.

 The fees for short-term groups are decided on a case by case basis.




Scholarships: Presidential Scholarship






Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
1 Chinese Language and Literature 2022-03-01 2022-06-01 2022-09-05 Chinese 18000 Bachelor Apply
2 Chinese Language 2022-03-01 2022-06-01 2022-09-05 Chinese 8000 NA Apply
3 Chinese Language 2022-03-01 2022-06-01 2022-09-05 Chinese 16000 NA Apply
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