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Shanghai University of Political Science and Law(上海政法学院)

 Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL) was established in 1984 and locked in Shanghai,China. SHUPL is a beautiful and distinctive institution of higher learning. Our goal is to build a disciplinary system focused on the major of Law while a variety of subjects such as Politics, Marxism Theory, Sociology, Economics, Management, Literature, Pedagogy, Arts and so forth develop coordinately. SHUPL is working on becoming a distinctive, first-rate, application-oriented university of political science and law. SHUPL has been adhering to international education of committed to cross-cultural exchanges and the integration of human civilization, hundreds of students from more than 70 countries have studied here. 

SHUPL consists of Law School, School of Economic Law (Silk Road Lawyers School), the School of International Law, School of Criminal Justice, School of Policing Studies, School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Economics and Management, School of Social Management, School of Language & Culture, Shanghai Documentary School, School of Marxism, School of International Communication and Exchange, School of Continuing Education and Computer-teaching Department, Sports Department and other teaching departments. 


SHUPL adheres to the education quality as the lifeline, and implements all-staff, all-round and whole process education to improve the training quality of students. SHUPL has achieved a lot of students' innovation and entrepreneurship education results. SHUPL has won more than 20 provincial and municipal above awards in “Challenge Cup Extra-curricular Academic Competition”, won the highest award of the Seventh National College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting (2014) and the special award at the Seventh “Knowledge and Practice Cup” College Students' Social Practice Competition. In addition, SHUPL has won twice the championship of “the Debate Competition on Rule of Law” of Shanghai university students. And our students’ documentaries have won many awards home and abroad. Both men and women's cricket teams have won the first place at the National Cricket Championships. Moreover, in September and October 2017, the United Nations (UN) Secretary General Guterres and the Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Alimov sent congratulatory letters to the Model United Nations Association (MUNA) of SHUPL, commending the positive contributions of MUNA. The employment rate of graduates has been above 97% for many years, which is among the top in Shanghai. In 2013, SHUPL had been awarded “Shanghai Advanced Collectives for Employment Promotion” which was given by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

SHUPL has abundant and qualified teaching staff. The structure of teaching staff is optimized. They are experienced and equipped with international horizon and have a close connection with the practice field domestic and overseas. SHUPL now have more than 600 staff, including 500 teachers. Almost half of them are in senior positions, 90% of whom have a PhD or master degree. In SHUPL, 90 professors or associate professors are qualified to be a doctoral or master’s supervisor. Besides, SHUPL has a group of outstanding teachers such as the State Council Experts for Special Allowances, the member of the Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education on the Law Major, Oriental Scholar, Shanghai Young Jurists, Shanghai Top Ten Outstanding Youth, Shanghai Most Famous Teachers, Pujiang Talents, Shuguang Scholars, Chenguang Scholars, Baosteel Excellent Teachers in China. In addition, SHUPL has hired more than 100 domestic scholars and experts on law or working in legal practice departments to work as visiting or part-time professors.

SHUPL initiatively adjusts to the great demand of national and social development and actively serves the national strategy. On September 13th, 2013, President Xi Jinping announced at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Bishkek Summit that China will set up “China-SCO International Judicial Exchange and Cooperation Training Base” at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and is willing to cultivate judicial talents for other member countries on this platform. This is the first national project undertaken by one university which is announced by our president to the world.

SHUPL gives full play to the three functions of SCO training base including training, think tank and forum, which gain a series of achievements. So far, the training base has received commissions from central ministries like Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Commerce and so forth, and successfully completed foreign-aid training tasks. In recent 3 years. SHUPL possesses the Supreme People's Court “One Belt One Road” judicial research base, Shanghai University Humanity and Social Science Key Research Base and Shanghai Education Legislation Advisory and Service Research Base. SHUPL also have SCO Institute and Center for Northeast Asian Studies which are regional and national research centers approved by the Ministry of Education. SHUPL is the council member of “One Belt One Road” Think Tank Alliance. The SCO Training Base of SHUPL has been listed by Shanghai Municipal Government into Action Plan on Shanghai Serving China-proposed “One Belt One Road” Construction and Playing a Bridgehead Role.

SHUPL is accelerating the process of internationalization. The university is the Chinese Government Scholarships Students Training Institution, Sino-US Humanities Project Training Institution and a member of “Study in China” Overseas Preparatory Education Alliance. SHUPL is the member of China Campus Network (CCN), and is the first one to be approved to set up the Preparatory Education Center in Yangtze River Delta Area. Since 2013, SHUPL has started to recruit international students. So far, SHUPL has built friendly and collaborative relationship with 64 colleges and universities and other educational institutions including well-known international organizations such as Hague Conference on Private International Law, the International Chamber of Commerce, etc. SHUPL also has established Overseas English Language Training Centers and developed more than ten joint training programs for undergraduate, master and PhD students (such as “3+1” “2+2” “2+1”) with famous universities like the Université de Montréal, the University of Leeds, and Washington University (St. Louis).

Welcome to join us!

SHUPL Website: http://www.shupl.edu.cn/

School of International Communication and Exchange (International Students Office): http://iso.shupl.edu.cn/


In campus Double Bed Room. Accommodation fee:¥30/Day
Good Environment wIith Kitchen Room and Activity Room

Apply Requirment:
Bachelor’s degree program : from 18 to 30, with a High School Certificate or above
Master’s degree program : from 18 to 45, with a Bachelor’s Degree or above
Chinese language program : from 18 to 30, with a High School Certificate or above
General scholar program : Age above 18, with a Bachelor’s Degree

How to Apply in Online System:
STEP 1: Login the International Student Service System: https://shupl.at0086.cn/StuApplication/IncompatibleBrowser.aspx
STEP 2: Create an account and fill in the registration information;
STEP 3: Fill in and upload relevant application materials carefully as required and wait for the school to review .
STEP 4: Wait for the confirmation and Admission Notice, Visa Application form(JW202);
STEP 5: Take all the relative documents to apply for student visa and register at school on time, finish the Enrollment.

Tuition Fee:
Bachelor’s degree program:¥21500/academic year
Master’s degree program:¥ 23000/academic year
Chinese language program: ¥16000/academic year
Senior visiting program: ¥21500/academic year

Application fee: ¥400/person
Accommodation fee :¥30/day
Insurance: ¥1000/year

1.Chinese Government Scholarship:
Application Code:11835
Full scholarship: Free of tuition fee、accommodation and medical insurance. Provids living expenses.
Part scholarship:one or more parts of the scholarships

2.Shanghai Government Scholarship
Two types, A and B.
A: Free of tuition fee, accommodation, and medical insurance. Provids l
iving expenses)
B: Free of tuition fee and medical insurance

3.One Belt and One Road Scholarship
Three types, A, B and C.
A : Free of tuition fee and accommodation)
B :Free tuition fee)
C :Provides living expenses for 10 months)
A and B only for degree program, and C is only for non-degree program
Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
1 Economic And Finance 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
2 Broadcast and Television Director(TV Documentary) 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
3 Broadcast and Television Director (Photography and Camera Shooting) 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
4 Business Administration 2021-03-01 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
5 Teaching Chinese to Speakers of other languages 2021-03-01 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
6 Science of Law 2021-03-01 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
7 International Politics 2021-03-01 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
8 International Economy and Trade 2021-03-01 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 21500 Bachelor Apply
9 International Law 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 23000 Master Apply
10 Environmental and Resources Protection Law 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 23000 Master Apply
11 Law Theory 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 23000 Master Apply
12 International Business 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 23000 Master Apply
13 International Politics and International Rule of Law 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 23000 Master Apply
14 Economic Law 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 23000 Master Apply
15 Chinese Language 2020-12-16 2021-07-31 2021-09-01 Chinese 16000 NA Apply
Mock Court
Under the guidance of the business department of Shanghai higher court, the newly-built simulated court Laboratory of Shanghai University of political science and law is a multi-functional teaching and experimental training platform, with a construction area of 580 square meters, including a mock court, a recording and broadcasting room, a conference room, an office and a custody room. Mainly used in criminal, civil, academic reports, lectures and other experimental training teaching.
There are 7 judges and 287 seats in the simulated court laboratory. The simulated court information operating system is operated by the clerk seat. The main screen and six sub screens are combined on the same screen. The main screen is automatically switched through the sound excitation function. In order to improve the effect of the trial, the court added four large display screens.
Since 2017, the moot court has conducted more than 100 practical teaching and teaching sessions every year, and more than 30 batches of visitors have been received under the leadership of the school, international exchange, base, school (Engineering) and other departments. In particular, the frequency of simulated training, class training and conference activities organized by schools and relevant departments (colleges) is increasing year by year.

Documentary experimental training center
"Documentary experimental training center" of Shanghai documentary academy is a comprehensive training base for documentary teaching and creative practice. The center is composed of several experimental platforms, such as "television broadcasting center", "documentary non editing laboratory", "documentary creation center", "documentary viewing room", "news photography laboratory" and "digital recording laboratory". At present, the total construction area is about 700 square meters, and the construction fund has been invested about 13 million yuan.
Among them, "TV Studio Center" has high-definition three channel broadcasting level digital broadcasting system and high-definition digital virtual broadcasting system, including large-scale TV wall, broadcasting station, special camera for studio, video recorder, digital special-purpose switching station, subtitle machine, teleprompter, lighting and sound equipment.
"Documentary non editing laboratory" is equipped with 50 sets of Apple editing mainframe and Final Cut Pro video editing system, which can carry out teaching demonstration, practical training and creative practice of film and television post production."Documentary creation center" is equipped with a large number of 6K Ultra HD film cameras, 4K and 2K HD video cameras, as well as lighting equipment. It can provide support for teachers and students in documentary shooting according to the ratio of 1:4.At the same time, the laboratory has two special editing rooms, equipped with a number of MacOS and windows video workstations; it also has a powerful post color mixing and synthesis workshop, and a documentary dubbing room, which is the main editing platform for teachers and students of this major in documentary creation."Documentary film room" has a large screen and high-definition broadcasting system, which is a special place for teachers and students of this major to observe, discuss and exchange works.The "news photography laboratory" is equipped with a complete set of digital news photography and image processing system, with multiple sets of medium picture and 135 SLRs, which are used for teaching, demonstration and training of photography foundation, news photography and other basic courses.
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