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East China University of Technology(东华理工大学)

East China University of Technology (ECUT), previously known as East China Institute of Geoscience, is a technological university under the joint administration of the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province, SASTIND, China Ministry of Natural Resources, and China National Nuclear Corporation. As the first university founded by Ministry of Nuclear Industry of China in 1956, ECUT covers an area of more than 1.66 km2 with one campus in Nanchang City and the other in Fuzhou City, of Jiangxi Province. There are more than 2300 students and a staff of 2800 which include  1400 full-time teachers and 600 professors and associate professors.

Distinctive with the disciplines of Geology and Nuclear Science, ECUT involves not only Science and Engineering but also Arts, Management, Economics, Laws, Education etc.. It has 1 doctoral program of first-level discipline---Geological Resource and Engineering, 19 master programs of first-level discipline, and 6 types of bachelor programs. So far, a nuclear fuel recycle system with 9 distinctive discipline has been established. Particularly, 5 of them are National Defense disciplines with the 13th National Five-Year Plan, and 3 are the University top disciplines with the 13th provincial Five-Year Plan (i.e. Geological Resources and Engineering, Chemistry, Electronic Science and Technology).

ECUT has been attaching great importance to the building of teaching and research teams. It boasts a national model teaching team---The Teaching Team of Nuclear Safety and Radiation Monitoring Techniques and Instrument, a technology innovation team sponsored by Ministry of Education, a defense technology innovation team sponsored by Ministry of National Defense, an advanced innovational team sponsored by the Ministry of Natural Resource, a technology innovation team sponsored by the Government of Jiangxi Province, etc.. Moreover, there are academicians from Chinese Academy of Science as well as Chinese Academy of Engineering, winners of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, national candidates of New Century Talents Project, new-century talents of Education Ministry of China, and winners of Special Allowance from the State Council.

The University has 19 teaching and research platforms at state and provincial levels, like the National Key Laboratory of “Nuclear Resources and Environment”, International Joint Research Center of “Mass Spectrometry Science and Instrument”, National Defense Key Discipline Laboratory of “Radioactive Geology and Exploration Technology”, International Atomic Energy Agency Reference Laboratory, State Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of “Radioactive Geology”, etc.. The University has won more than 20 science and technology achievement awards at state and provincial levels, like the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the First Prize in Natural Science of Jiangxi Province, the First Prize in Scientific and Technological Progress of Jiangxi Province, the First Prize in Social Science of Jiangxi Province etc.. The total of the research funds in 2017 ranks second among higher institutions in Jiangxi Province.

Our school has a good living environment for international students. The double room dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, washing machine, fan, complete set of wooden desk furniture and other diversified facilities to create a good living environment for students.Each dormitory is equipped with a balcony to facilitate students'life.

1. Foreign citizens, aged 18 or above (by January 1, 2020), be in good physical and mental condition.
2. Well performed both academically and behaviorally, abide by Chinese government laws and school rules, respect Chinese customs.
3. The requirements for degree and age:

 The applicant must:
● be a high school graduate and no more than 25 when applying for the bachelor programs.

● be a bachelor’s degree holder and no more than 30 when applying for the master programs.
● be a master’s degree holder and no more than 35 when applying for the doctoral programs.

Application Procedure
Step1: Fill in the application form online

Applications to all programs could be sent to internaitonalstudents@ecut.edu.cn. Don’t need to deliver any paper material. 

Step2: Submit application materials

1). ECUT Application Form for International Students with personal signature.
(Download it from the web page http://is.ecut.edu.cn/wpplicationwormwwwww/list.htm).
2). A copy of the passport information page.
3). Notarized highest diploma and official transcript.
4). Foreigner physical examination form (photocopy) and copies of blood test reports.
(Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only 6 months).
5). No criminal record certificate. (Written in Chinese or English).
6). Financial support statement.
(Required for the self-supported applicants. The supporter’s work or income certificate and ID information. The financial ability can cover the students’ life and study in china).
Certificates which can prove the applicant's academic ability and comprehensive quality, can be submitted with above documents together.
Step3: Online interview or test




Contact Us
International Students Affairs office
No.418 Guanglan Avenue, Nanchang Economic& Technological Development Zone, Jiangxi , P.R.CHINA


E-mail: internationalstudents@ecut.edu.cn












Jiangxi Governmental Scholarships

Bachelor’s Degree


Master’s/Doctor’s Degree



ECUT Scholarships

“Belt and Road” Scholarship

Master’s Degree


Doctor’s Degree



Excellent Students Scholarship

Master’s/Doctor’s Degree


First Class Bachelor’s Degree


Second ClassBachelor’s Degree


Third ClassBachelor’s Degree



Outstanding Individual  Scholarship

Bachelor’s /Master’s/Doctor’s Degree

¥ 3,000/year

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded

Guide to Campus Life

I. Instructions to Campus Card

Campus Card is the important evidentiary material for in-university students’ identity. Students should keep it properly and abide by relevant instructions. Major functions of the card include: eating in canteen; access to library and books borrowing; registration and treatment in medical room; on-campus supermarket consumption; on-campus exam identification.

1. Recharge of Campus Card

 (1) Recharging via Mobile Phone: Activate mobile banking of China Construction Bank after arriving at the University, download app of “China Construction Bank” on your phone, or search and follow WeChat official account of “China Construction Bank in WeChat.

2 Recharging at Window: take the bank card of China Construction Bank and the campus card to card center (1F hall on the west of No.3 Teaching Building) to handle recharging business, not cash recharging accepted.

2. Password and Consumption Limit of Campus Card

The initial password of the campus card is the last six digits of your ID Card No. (X will be substituted by digit 0). The daily consumption limit for the card is RMB30, and password is needed for the part more than RMB30.

3. Loss Report and Replacement of Campus Card

If carelessly losing the campus card, the student may apply for loss report and replacement in the automatic machine or call Card Center of Nanchang Campus at 0791-83879820. If you get back your card, you may cancel the loss application on the automatic machine; if you are unable to get back your card, you may apply for replacement personally in the card center with your ID card.




II. Library

1.We now have more than two millions of books collected, more than 1.9 millions of electronic books, and more than 30 electronic literature databases.

[Library Service]

1. International students may borrow books with the campus card.

2. Our library provides various kinds of literary magazines and journals, and students may borrow them for free.

3. We set up study room to provide comfortable learning environment.

[Digital Resources]

We have bought the reading copyright of a series of famous database at home and abroad like Elsevier, Wiley, AGU, ASCE, ACM, ACS, ASME and etc., and students may read them for free after connecting to the library network.

[Opening Hours]

Seven days every week, opened from 08:00—22:00 everyday.

2. Opening Hours for Library of School of International Education

Opened from 09:00—12:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Room 408 of Xuegong Building

III. Transportation

 Public Transport Line for Students Reaching University:

(1) from Nanchang Railway Station to Nanchang Guanglan Campus: get on Bus 232 in Zhanqian Square Bus Station in Nanchang Railway Station to Station of East China University of Technology (Intersection of Guanglan Avenue) to reach the north gate of ECUT, which costs RMB2 and about one hour.

(2) from Nanchangxi Railway Station to Nanchang Guanglan Campus: take High-speech Rail Bus 4 in Nanchangxi Railway Station to Station of Fanjia Xincun (the east gate of the University), which costs RMB5 and about 50 minutes.

(3) from Changbei Airport to Nanchang Guanglan Campus: take Airport Bus 1 in the Bus Station of Nanchang Changbei Airport to Station of Urban Construction College, then take Bus 232 (to Changbei Parking Lot) to Station of East China University of Technology.


IV. Guide to Seeing a Doctor

1. Location of University Clinic:

The clinic of Guanglan Campus is located at the opposite of west gate of Guanglan Campus (gate of Huarui Jincheng); the clinic of Fenglin Campus is located at the 1F bungalow behind the Administrative Building of Fenglin Campus.

2. Instructions to Seeing a Doctor: students going to the clinic to see a doctor should bring personal campus card, and the expenses for registration and payment shall be paid by the campus card, no cash payment acceptable.

3. Working Hours of University Clinic:

Working Hours from Monday to Friday:

Winter: 08:00am—12:00am         14:00pm—17:00pm

Summer: 08:00am—12:00am       14:30pm—17:30pm

On-duty at Night: 19:30—21:00

Working Hours on Weekends and Statutory Holidays:

Morning: 08:30am—11:00am       Afternoon: 15:00—17:00pm

On-duty at Night: 19:00-21:00

4. Introduction to Hospitals Nearby

There are many hospitals with perfect medical facilities and advanced level near the University, including People’s Hospital of Jiangxi Province, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Jiangxi Zhonghuan Hospital, Hongdu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Nanchang City, and etc.


V. Holidays

International students enjoy the same holidays as Chinese students. But we have no holidays for those of other countries. Overseas students should pay attention to the holiday arrangement on school calendar.

In addition to about two-month summer vacation from the beginning of July to the beginning of September and about one-month winter vacation in February every year, main holidays of China include:

New Year’s Day (January 1): one day off

Spring Festival (New Year’s Day of the Chinese lunar calendar, around February of the Gregorian calendar): seven days off

Qingming Festival (April 5): one day off

Labor Day (May 1): one day off

Dragon Boat Festival (May 5 of the Chinese lunar calendar, around June of the Gregorian calendar): one day off

Mid-autumn Festival (August 15 of the Chinese lunar calendar, around September to October of the Gregorian calendar): one day off

National Day (October 1): three days off




VI. Currency and Bank

There are China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other banks near the University. Please do not exchange money with strangers on the street to avoid money loss.

Customer Service Tel of Bank of China: 95566, Website: www.boc.cn

Customer Service Tel of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: 95588, Website: www.icbc.com.cn

Customer Service Tel of China Construction Bank: 95533, Website: www.ccb.com

Customer Service Tel of Agricultural Bank of China: 95599, Website: www.abchina.com

Customer Service Tel of Postal Savings Bank of China: 95580, Website: www.psbc.com




VII. Useful Numbers

Office of International Exchange: 0791-83897980

Overseas Students Management Office of School of International Education: 0791-83898582

Security Office: 0791-83898110

Police: 110

Fire: 119

Medical Aid: 120

Traffic Accident: 122






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