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Shenyang University(沈阳大学)

The history of Shenyang University dates back to Fengtian Industrial School and Xinmin Public School established in 1906, more than 100 years ago. Throughout the long history, the university has been adhering to the motto of “academic study, social commitment, complete sincerity and diligence” and the philosophy of “scientific, democratic and open education”. It was awarded A grade in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education of China in 2007. With continuous growth of education power, the university has become a comprehensive institution of postgraduate and doctorate education, with undergraduate education as its main part.

There are 18 schools, 10 master’s degree authorization centers of first-academic disciplines, and 9 types of professional master’s degree granting in Shenyang University. With 67 majors of undergraduate education covering 11 disciplines of philosophy, economy, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art, the university has more than 23 thousand students and up to 785 teachers with senior professional titles.

Application Procedures

1. 网上申请,注册并登陆沈阳大学国际学生招生系统(http://apply.syu.cucas.cn/),在线填写个人信息并按要求上传相关材料。
Apply online, register and log in the International student recruitment system of Shenyang University(http://apply.syu.cucas.cn/),fill in personal information online and upload relevant materials as required.
Basic material (Additional materials are required for individual items as appropriate):
ü 沈阳大学申请表 Application Form of Shenyang University
ü 护照信息 All of the pages of passport (include blank pages)
ü 毕业证(扫描件及中文翻译件) Graduation Certificate(need to be translated into Chinese)
ü 成绩单(扫描件及中文翻译件)Transcript(need to be translated into Chinese)
ü 无犯罪记录证明 Certificate of No Criminal Record
ü 体检合格证明 Medical examination report

2. 学校对所申请者提交材料进行审核,申请者可以在沈阳大学国际学生招生系统上查询审核结果。We will review the materials submitted by the applicants. Applicants can check the results on the admission system.

3.审核通过后申请者需支付部分学费1500元(申请者需将学费汇入我校指定银行账号,并将汇款凭证扫描件上传到招生系统中) Pay part of the tuition 1500RMB (Applicants should remit the tuition fee to our designated bank account and upload the scanned copy of remittance voucher to the admission system)

4. 学校确认收到申请者支付的部分学费后,会将所有的申请材料上报上级相关部门批复。After the school confirms that we have received part of the tuition fee, all the application materials will be submitted to the relevant departments and the JW202 form will be processed.

5. 申请者可以在沈阳大学国际学生招生系统上再次查询JW202表办理进程。JW202获批后,学校会向申请者发送电子版录取通知书,申请人确认后,需缴纳第一年的余额学费。Applicants can check the JW202 form application process on the admission system of Shenyang University.After the approval of JW202 form, we will send an electronic admission letter to the applicant, and the applicant will pay the balance of the tuition fee for the first year after confirmation 

6. 在我们收到以上费用之后,学校将已缴费同学的JW202表、入学通知书、缴费收据原件邮寄给申请人。Upon receipt of the above fee, we will mail the JW202 form, admission notice and original payment receipt to the applicant

7. 学生持JW202表、入学通知书及缴费收据在本国体检,然后到中国驻外使领馆办理来华学习签证Applicants hold JW202 form、 admission letter and receipt to their own country to have physical examination,then go to Chinese embassy to get visa for study in China

8. 新生报到
Applicants should inform the IEEC before 15 days.Report to IEEC of SYU when arrive with admission letter, passport and 7 certificate photos (2-inch without headgear).

China entry physical examination fee is about RMB 700
Verification of physical examination fee is about RMB 80元

费用RMB400元(不满一年)  RMB800元(1年)
Applying for Residential Permit
RMB400(less than one year)  RMB800(one year)
Students with X1 visa should bring medical examination report to Division Exit-Entry Administration of Public Security Bureau of Shenyang to get residence permit.




◎博士研究生学费:             30000元/学年

   ◎硕士研究生中文授课学费:     20000元/学年

   ◎硕士研究生英文授课学费:     23000元/学年


                        文科类 15000元/学年

                理科类 16000元/学年

                艺术类 22000元/学年


                        文科类 18000元/学年

                        理工科 18000元/学年

◎非学历语言生学费:           12000元/学年

◎住宿费:         (四人间A) 750 元/月/人

                   (四人间B) 1000元/月/人

                   (双人间A) 1000元/月/人

                   (双人间B) 1200元/月/人

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
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