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Wuchang University of Technology(武昌理工学院)

Founded in 1997, Wuchang University of Technology(WUT), is a full-time undergraduate university with coordinated development of science, engineering, art, management, economics, literature, law, medicine and other disciplines. Situated in "Wuhan• Optics Valley of China" , Hubei province, WUT covers an area of about 828,100 square meters with an construction areas of over 403,000 square meters. It is located at the foot of the beautiful Menan Mountain and surrounded by the largest urban lake in China, Tangxun Lake. European style buildings are nestled in the green mountains and green waters. It is a picturesque campus among the top ten beautiful lakeside campuses in China.

There are 12 schools and 57 undergraduate programs in WUT, including School of International Education, School of Business, School of Urban Construction, School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Life Science, School of Nursing, School of Law, Literature& Foreign Languages, School of Art Design, School of Television and Media, School of Marxism, School of General Education and School of Continuing Education. At present, WUT has over 16,000 students of undergraduates (4-year degree and 3-year diploma programs), post-graduates, and international students.

WUT has established partnerships with more than 50 universities from more than 20 countries, and has enrolled more than 200 international students from more than 20 countries. In 2017, the university ranked Second Prize in the ranking of international competitiveness of private universities in China.

Programs for International Students


Non-Chinese citizens of secondary high school graduates, holding valid foreign passports in good health and with good character.


How to Apply

Website : http://www.wut.edu.cn/  



Application Requirements

1. Colored scanned copy of passport which is valid for at least one year

2. White background colored bareheaded digital photo in Passport size(The head takes up 2/3 of the size of the photo; the photo pixel is no less than 320*240, the aspect ratio is 4:3, the size is 100-500kb, JPG format)

3. The colored scanned copy of the original diploma of secondary high school and above (If it is not in English, an English or Chinese translation shall be provided.)

4. The colored scanned copy of the original transcript of secondary high school and above (If it is not in English, an English or Chinese translation shall be provided.)

5. Educational background and working experience detailed from primary school to the date of application

6. Transfer letter with attendance record for applicants with studying experience in China

7. Fixed deposit certificate with minimum US $3000

8. Medical report

9. None criminal record


V. Major Programs

1. None-degree Chinese language Program

2. English-media Bachelor Degree Program

1) International Economic and Trade

2) Business Administration

3) Civil Engineering

Notice: Your major may be shifted for insufficient number of students required.


Application deadline

 Spring: January 15     Fall: August 31


Contact Us

Address: No. 16 Jiangxia Road, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430223

School of International Education, Wuchang University of Technology

Website: http://sie.wut.edu.cn/   

Email:  admission@wut.edu.cn  

Tel: 86-27-81652304; 81652305; 81652670;86-13407103827

 Fees Structure  

1. Tuition: RMB 12,000 /year (Degree students);

RMB 6000 / semester (Non-degree students)

2. Accommodation: RMB 1500 /year

RMB 750 /semester

3. Scholarship

The outstanding can apply for Freshmen Scholarship which covers RMB 6000 ONCE.

Freshmen Scholarship is assessed by the documents of application, however Undergraduates Scholarship is assessed by academic performances.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
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