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Zhengzhou Normal University(郑州师范学院)

Zhengzhou Normal University is located in the city of Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, a city situated at the riverside of Yellow River and the foot of Songshan Mountain. It is a full-time public undergraduate institution established on the basis Zhengzhou Teachers’ College. Its former is Henan Provincial Zhengzhou Teachers’ School established in 1949. It has a history of more than 60 years at present.

The university now covers an area of 1,060 mu, with a construction area of 627,800 square meters, 221 experimental training rooms, and a total value of RMB 263 million for teaching and scientific research equipment. There are 6 affiliated primary and secondary schools, and 275 off-campus practice training bases. The library has more than 1.78 million paper books, more than 2,523,000 e-books, and 57 Chinese and foreign language databases. It has a cloud data center, a visual network operation and maintenance monitoring center, and a 10 Gigabit core switching fiber backbone campus network.

The school has more than 1200 faculty members, including 358 teachers with senior professional and technical titles, 976 teachers with doctor’s or master's degree, and 37 people who enjoys special allowances from the State Council, famous teachers of national “Ten Thousand Talent Program”, member of the Instructive Committee of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, certified experts in normal speciality of national institutions of higher learning, outstanding experts of Henan Province, outstanding teachers of Central China of “Central China’s Thousand Talent Program”, and outstanding teachers of Henan Province. The university focuses on the education of teachers, and coordinated development of multidisciplinary like literature, science, engineering and management. It has 9 disciplines as economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, and art, and 44 undergraduate majors, 14 specialist majors, 16697 full-time students, and 2,402 adult education students.

At present, the university has 2 state-level high-quality resource sharing courses, 1 demonstration project for the construction of teachers of the Ministry of Education, 1 excellent teacher training program reform project of the Ministry of Education, 3 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial teacher education reform and innovation pilot zone, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, 1 provincial demonstration training base, 3 provincial teaching team construction projects, 5 provincial discipline comprehensive reform pilots, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 2 approved projects for general higher education planning materials in the “12th Five-Year Plan”,8 online open courses of provincial excellent resources, 3 sharing courses of provincial high-quality resources,4provincial specialty construction site, 5 provincial excellent grassroots teaching organizations, 2 outstanding teacher training plan reform projects, 2 provincial excellent courses. It undertakes 10 national natural science fund projects, 7 national social science fund projects, 14 provincial higher education teaching reform research projects, and won 4 provincial teaching reform achievement awards, 133 provincial teacher education curriculum reform research projects, 15 provincial teacher education achievement awards; 1 national e-commerce demonstration base. It has jointly developed postgraduate programs with universities such as Zhengzhou University, Henan University and Henan Agricultural University.

The university has established 8 school-level scientific research institutions as Zhengzhou National Center Urban Construction Research Institute (Tianzhong Think Tank), Henan E-Commerce Development Planning Research Institute, International Joint Laboratory of Behavior and Cognitive Science, Molecular Biology Laboratory, Bio-engineering Research Center, Software Science Research Center, Education and Psychological Science Research Center, Spatial Information Engineering Research Center. It has also established Zhengzhou Integrity Culture Research Base, Zhengzhou Social Science Education Research Base and a number of professors’ and experts' studios, and sponsored newspapers such as Zhengzhou Normal Education and Zhengzhou Normal University Newspaper. During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, it has undertaken more than 300 research projects at the national and provincial levels, and completed more than 10 scientific and technological achievements.

The university actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation and continuously improves the level of internationalization. It has established cooperative relations with 20 colleges and universities from 9 countries including the United States, Britain, Canada, Russia and India. The International Joint Laboratory of Behavioral and Cognitive Science was jointly established with three institutions, namely, University of California Davis, Hildesheim University of Germany and Hanbit Mental Rehabilitation Hospital of South Korea, and was recognized as the international science and technology cooperation base of Zhengzhou city. It established the Chinese Language and Culture Exchange Center in three universities including the Royal College of Canada, and undertook the education exchange program of Zhengzhou City and Joinville, Brazil. Every year, it selects teachers to go abroad for further study, and organizes many study tours to visit overseas.




How to Apply




I. Application Qualifications:

1. General Requirements

(1) The health status is in line with the physical examination standards of international students stipulated by the Chinese government

(2) No criminal record

(3) Be able to pay the cost of study and living in China, and have reliable financial guarantee and guarantor of affairs in China (for minor students only).

2. Education Requirements

International students applying for degree program in our university should have high school graduation (including the same educational level) or above.

International students who applies Bachelor Degree upgrading from junior college student need to achieve the degree required and recognized by the Chinese government.

3. Language Requirements

According to the relevant provisions of the state, the Chinese proficiency requirements of international students in subjects and majors with Chinese as the professional teaching language should at least reach level 4 of "international Chinese proficiency standards". For subjects and majors with English as the major teaching language, if students come from countries where English is the mother tongue or English as the common language, they can be exempted from English test; in other cases, students' English must reach the level of TOEFL score of 72 or above or IELTS score of 5.5 or above.

II. Application and Registration Time

Application Timeuntil March 30th every year

Registration Time: September every year

III. Application Process

1. Applicants should fill in the Application Form for International Students of Zhengzhou Normal University and submit them to the University together with other relevant application materials as follows:

(1) Zhengzhou Normal University Application Form for International Students;

(2) Personal information page of passport (Photocopy)

(3) A notarized photocopy of the Most advanced studies. If the applicant is a student in school, he / she must also submit the certificate of study issued by his / her school. The notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached to the text other than Chinese and English;

(4) Applicants for degree programs must provide high school graduation transcripts, which must be original or notarized copies. The notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached to the text other than Chinese and English;

(5) The original or notarized photocopy of the foreign physical examination record form and blood examination report form;

(6) The original or notarized photocopy of the certificate of no criminal record. The notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached to the text other than Chinese and English;

(7) Certificate of proficiency in Chinese or English or equivalent language proficiency (for diploma candidates);

(8) If the applicant is under the age of 18, Letter of Authorization or the power of attorney for guardian in China certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad shall be submitted.

2. The university shall review the materials, formulate a list of students to be admitted and submit it to the relevant departments for approval.

3. After approval, the university will notify by email.

4. The applicant shall reply to the email and confirm the admission within the specified time.

5. The university issues admission materials such as JW202 form and admission notice.

6. Students should apply for Chinese visa (x1) and register in time.





1. Tuition of International Students



Tuition (CNY)


Non-degree Program

Short-term Language Students

CNY100 / class duration

Long-term Language Students

CNY6000/ semester


Degree Program


Liberal Arts

CNY 14000/year


CNY 16000/year

P.E & Arts

CNY 18000/year

Bachelor Degree

Liberal Arts

CNY 16000/year


CNY 18000/year

P.E & Arts

CNY 22000/year

2. The tuition fee and accommodation fee of international students entrusted to be trained shall be determined by the entrusting party and the University.


Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Brief Introduction of Thailand Short Term Training Program

From October 11th to October 25th, 2019, Zhengzhou Normal University (ZZNU) received 25 teachers and students from Bangkok Middle School in Thailand. They had two-week language learning in ZZNU. During training, they had both Chinese language courses and Chinese culture courses such as Chinese folk songs, Chinese Tie-dyeing art, Chinese calligraphy, Paper cutting, Chinese knitting art, Chinese tea performance and Chinese Kongfu. They also participated in cultural experience activities such as visiting Zhengzhou Natural Museum and Shaolin Temple.

During the two weeks, Thai students have studied Chinese, understood Chinese culture and felt the charm of China. They said that they would share the experience of the study and exchange with their relatives and friends in their own country. The training has promoted and strengthened the cultural exchange between China and Thailand.