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Hunan Institute of Science and Technology(湖南理工学院)

Hunan Institute of Science and Technology(HNIST) is a provincial undergraduate university, which is well known for science and engineering subjects as well as the balanced development of science, engineering,liberal arts, economics, management, law, education and arts. HNIST is a master degree granting unit approved by Academic Degree Committee of the State Council and is one of the first application-oriented undergraduate universities listed in the National Industry and Education Integration Development Project.

HNIST is located in South Lake scenic area of Yueyang which is a National Civilized City, National Historical and Cultural City, National Advanced Tourism City, national regional key city, and one of the First National Opening-Up Cities along Yangtze River, and the gateway city of Hunan Province. Surrounded by mountains, lakes (with a lake-shoreline of nearly 4 km) and Yueyang Tower, HNIST not only enjoys the environment of exquisite natural scenery but also has profound humanistic connotations. Being considered the prettiest university of Hunan province, HNIST also has been granted many honors, such as “National Civilized Unit”, “National Advanced Unit in Graduate Employment”, “National Advanced Unit in Teachers' Professional Ethics”, "The national advanced unit of introducing foreign talents", and “Provincial Advanced Primary CCP Organization”.

HNIST covers a campus area of 2100mu (about 140 hectares). The construction area of HNIST is 700, 000 square meters (70 hectares). The total assets of the institute are 1. 4billion yuan (about 230.7 million US dollars); the teaching and scientific research equipment is worth 200,000,000 yuan (30.7 million US dollars), and the library contains more than 2.92 million copies of various books (including 1,500,000 digital books). HNIST is a university with high-level information intelligence where free WiFi has fully been equipped on campus. There are air-conditioners in dormitories, library and some teaching area. Obviously, the material conditions of HNIST are excellent, with the complete and well-equipped facilities for teaching, living and scientific research.

HNIST has 18 schools and departments, and one independent college, with 54 undergraduate specialties, including 5 provincial key construction disciplines. HNIST has also 3 academic master degree conferment units and 3 professional master degree conferment units. Currently, HNIST has over 23,000 full-time students (including independent college students and overseas students).

HNIST has an over 1300 well-structured, high-quality and high-level faculty staff, including 144 professors, 199 PhD, 159 master degree supervisors and 25 foreign teachers, of whom over 150 professors have been granted with different national and provincial honors, namely, national “Thousand Scholar Plan” Distinguished Scholar, the Special Government Allowance of the State Council, “New Century Advanced Talent Support Program” of the Ministry of Education, National Friendship Award and Provincial Outstanding Teacher, etc. HNIST has also employed nearly one hundred scholars and experts home and abroad as full-time and part-time professors, including world renowned pianist Michael Arkadev.


International students live in the international students’ apartment. Students can choose to live in two bedroom or four bedroom. The apartment provides water heater, air conditioner, water dispenser, public kitchen and laundry. Students who living in international students’ apartment must comply with the rules and regulations of the apartment.

School living facilities:

Students can choose school canteen, cafeteria or other restaurants on campus. There are convenient supermarkets, banks, bookstores, college students' clubs and gyms on campus, which can basically meet the needs of students' daily life.

School System and Semesters

There are two semesters in one academic year in HNIST: Fall semester and Spring semester. Fall semester is the beginning of each school year, usually from early September to mid-January of the next year. Spring semester usually starts from late February to mid-July. In HNIST, there is summer vacation and winter vacation per year. Summer vacation is normally two months (July and August), and winter vacation is about four weeks, with the traditional Chinese Spring Festival holiday included.

Application time 

HNIST is currently recruiting overseas students only in September. The acceptance time of the application materials is April 1st to April 30th each year. (Applicant with HSK3 or above can apply for placement in March)

Basic requirements for application

1. Applicants should be 18 years of age or older before September 1st in the very year;

2. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens who hold valid ordinary passport of a foreign country;

3. Good health and proper behavior are required. Applicants are also required to have a general high school diploma.

4. Applicants who apply for direct access to undergraduate education are required to have reached the level of HSK4, and those who have not reached the level of HSK4 should apply for preparatory courses.


Programs Offered

1.Degree Program

Bachelor degree program lasts four years. Students can get graduation certificate on the condition that they finish all required courses and pass their thesis defense. They will be awarded bachelor degree if they fulfill the course requirements. Students would study together with Chinese students.

2.Non-degree program
(1) Preparatory courses for undergraduate education

The Chinese language study period for the zero-based language students which lasts 1 year at least, or can be extended according to the situation. Students can enter the undergraduate education after finish all the language courses and get the HSK4 certificate (or reach the corresponding Chinese language level).

(2) Chinese language courses

In accordance with the Chinese level of overseas students, Chinese language courses are offered at different levels, and it lasts 1-3 years. Students will be issued the certificate of completion after finish all the courses and pass the curriculum assessment.


Application Documents

1.HNIST Application form for International Students

2.A copy of the passport.

3.A scanning copy of your highest diploma and transcript ( the exchange students are additional required the certificate of student status from your college).

4.Physical Examination Record for Foreigner at an Entry-Exit Quarantine Bureau in the recent 6 months. (including blood report)

5.A non-criminal certificate issued by relevant departments.

6.Recommendation letters from two different professors or authorities. (if you study for a degree, including preparatory course)

7.Resume. (including your mail address and phone number)

8.Study plan.

9.2 photos as the passport photo in the recent 6 months and e-copy.

10. Certification of the level of Chinese proficiency (important). If you don’t pass the HSK 4, you should attend our intermediate Chinese Class and pass the Chinese language testing.

Applicants who are studying in a formal college in China need additional documents as follow:

11. A transfer consent letter from international affairs office of current college (stamped with the official seal).

Scanning copies of valid visa or residence permit in China.
       12. Scanning copies of valid visa or residence permit in China.

Tuition Fee:

Except when specifically pointed out, tuition fee for each major is shown as follows:





Registration Fee

300 Yuan


Tuition Fee

Liberal Arts: 14000 Yuan/ Academic Year

Science:16000 Yuan/Academic Year

Arts:21000 Yuan/Academic Year

According to the Scholarship Quota


International Students Apartment:

2400Yuan/Academic Year




Approximately 600Yuan/Academic Year

(Depends on Different Major Standard)


800Yuan/ Academic Year

Residence Permit

800Yuan/ Academic Year

Personal Expenses

Approximately 10000Yuan/Academic Year


Prepared by oneself




Electricity: 0.61 Yuan/Degree

Water: 2.75 Yuan/Ton

5 degrees of electricity and 3 tons of water are free of charge.



Depends on Subjects


The tuition fee is paid in accordance with the academic year and charged at RMB. Students who do not pay the full amount of tuition on time would not be registered.


Scholarship for Chinese Language Study: To improve the MOU between partner schools, HNIST would like to provide full scholarship (free tuition fee) to 15- 20 of the students of overseas partner schools for the first year of their Preparatory Chinese language study. The individual applicants would be given a partial percentage tuition scholarship according to the final education GPA.

Scholarship for Bachelors degree: HNIST grant scholarship 40% up to 100% to the students of partner schools furthering their Bachelors degree according to their performance and grade. The school will consider students GPA of Grade 12 (Mathayom 6) for the 1st-year-schorlarship  in HNIST as follows:

-  GPA 4.0-5.0 will be provided 100% scholarship;

-  GPA 3.0-3.9 will be provided 80% scholarship;

-  GPA 2.0-2.9 will be provided 60% scholarship;

-  GPA 1.0-1.9 will be provided 40% scholarship.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
1 Chinese language courses 2021-01-01 2022-08-30 2022-09-01 Chinese 14000 NA Apply
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