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Chongqing Normal University(重庆师范大学)

A Brief Introduction to Chongqing Normal University

Chongqing Normal University (hereafter as “CNU”), founded in 1954, is a full-time comprehensive institution of higher education under the leadership of Chongqing Municipal Government of P. R. China. CNU covers over 190 hectares (2688 mu) and is located in Shapingba District, the cultural and educational district of Chongqing. CNU is a higher education institution authorized to award Master’s and Bachelor’s degree with the approval of the Degree Awarding commission of the State Council, P. R. China. Currently, there are 17 colleges, 75 bachelor’s degree programs, 24 first-level discipline of authorized master degree programs, 14 professional authorized master degree programs, 1 first-level discipline of authorized doctoral degree programsauthorized secondary vocational master’s degree, authorized advanced teachers professional master degree of literature, science, economics, management, art, physical education, etc., forming an educational system which is able to train postgraduates, undergraduates, associates and overseas students. And Chongqing Normal University was granted doctor degree institute by Chinese education government in 2018. Currently, there are over 25,000 full time undergraduate students,4000 graduate students, 570 international students, and over 2000 teachers including more than 1000 professors and doctors.

Grasping the tendency of educational globalization, CNU perseveres in the mode of “open university” and is the host university of Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Chongqing Municipal Mayor Scholarship. The university has successively established cooperation and exchange relationship by various forms, as jointed education, jointed scientific research, and mutual visit, with education institutions in over 30 countries such as USA, UKRussia, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia Canada, Sweden, etc. Actively promote the international education of Chinese language, the university was awarded as the "Confucius Institute Advanced Chinese Cooperation Agency" three times by the Headquarter of Confucius Institute. It has organized "Confucius Institute" and "Chinese Teachers College" in the United States, Britain, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and other countries, which realizes the layout of the Confucius Institute in five continents.

CNU attaches much importance to overseas students’ education and administration in a way of classified teaching and human-based management, insisting on classification teaching and humanization management. International Students Office enjoys much popularity with overseas students as their home in China, and gets the widely acclaimed by them. CNU provide international students a better integration of education, carrying out the convergence management and teaching. CNU took the lead in Chongqing to set up International College of Chinese Language and Culture, providing better education and administration for Chinese language training students. The college offers favorable learning environment for overseas students as much as possible with small-sized classes and special tutoring.

CNU will actively promote the campus as the teaching-research normal universities of distinctive features, the front rank in western areas and be of great influence in China!

Apartments on the new campus
 (with a bedroom and a bathroom, internet interface,2 students share one room): 5400RMB per academic year per person.

Application Procedures:

1.Applicants outside of China shall contact the International Students Office, at Chongqing Normal University or visit http://international.cqnu.edu.cn to download and fill in Admission Application Form in Chongqing Normal University.

2.Applicants should register on the Chongqing Normal University international students online application website ( http://foreignstudent.cqnu.edu.cn:9088/?tdsourcetag=s_pcqq_aiomsg).

3.Documents applicants submitted:

(1) Chongqing Normal University Application form

(2) Highest diploma attained or proof of study (notarized photocopy).Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English.

(3) Transcripts of the most advanced studies (notarized photocopy).

(4) Study plan (written in Chinese or English).

(5) Two letters of recommendation. Applicants for master degree studies shall provide two letters of recommendation by associate professors or professors. Applicants who are students currently studying at Chongqing Normal University shall provide a recommendation letter from the International Administration Office or a teacher in Chongqing Normal University.

(6) HSK and HSKK copy( bachelor applicants are required HSK4 copy, Master applicants are required HSK5 copy)

(7) Copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (for applicants who are currently not studying at Chongqing Normal University) completed Physical Examination Form for Foreigners (available at http://international.cqnu.edu.cn) together with the original copy (lab copy of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, type B Hepatitis and X-ray) of the health examination from hospitals with red stamp.

(8) Copy of passport.

(9) No criminal record certification.

(10) Bank deposit certificate ( local currency no less than 25,000 RMB )

(11) Resume

4. Applicants shall post all the application documents and registration fee RMB 400 to the International Students Office of CNU. (Application Form for Admission can be sent by e-mail.) After approval of all the documents, the International Students Office will send Admission Notice and Visa Application Form to the applicants, with which the applicants shall go to the Chinese embassy or consulate for an X Visa (students Visa).

5. Applicants shall come to the International Students Office of CNU for registering on the required date and hand in all the necessary documents for admission. The documents needed are Admission Notice, Passport, JW202 Form, Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, 4 one-inch passport pictures. All tuition fees must be paid before the semester begins.

6. Overseas students who transfer from another Chinese University to Chongqing Normal University shall finish the Application Form for Admission and send the form, a transferring certificate by the previous school, and other required application documents to the International Students Office, Chongqing Normal University.

一、Tuition Fees
(1) Long-term Training of Chinese Language and Culture: 7,000RMB per semester, 14,000RMB per academic year.
(2) Long-term Training of Other Majors: Major training programs are paid according to different majors.
(3) Undergraduate Programs: 
14,000 RMB per academic year for liberal arts programs
16,000 RMB per academic year for science, engineering, economic, management programs
21,000 RMB per academic year for arts and physical education programs
(4) Postgraduate Programs: 
18,000RMB per academic year for liberal arts programs
20,000RMB per academic year for science, engineering, economic, management programs
27,000RMB per academic year for arts and physical education programs

A. Chinese Government Scholarship

-Exempt from tuition fee and on-campus accommodation;
-Living allowance (3000 RMB per month for postgraduate student; 2500 RMB per month for undergraduate student)
-Fee for Comprehensive Medical Insurance in China;

B. Confucius Institute Scholarship

The Confucius Institute Scholarship provides full coverage on tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance (except four-week program students) and comprehensive medical insurance package.

We provide free accommodation for Confucius Institute Scholarship students.  Normally 2-3 students stay in a room.

Living allowance is granted on monthly basis. The allowance criteria per person is: Undergraduate studentOne-Academic-Year Students, One-Semester Students: RMB 2,500 per month; MTCSOL: RMB 3,000 per month.

C. Chongqing Municipal Mayor Scholarship

Level of Candidates

Standard (RMB/year)

Master students

Literature program: free of tuition fee /accommodation fee /insurance fee, with a living allowance of 500RMB/Month.

Science Program: free of tuition fee /accommodation fee /insurance fee, with a living allowance of 500RMB/Month.

Art Program: free of tuition fee /insurance fee.


Undergraduate students

Literature program: free of tuition fee /accommodation fee /insurance fee, with a living allowance of 500RMB/Month.

Science Program: free of tuition fee /accommodation fee /insurance fee, with a living allowance of 500RMB/Month.

Art Program: free of tuition fee /insurance fee.

D. CNU President Scholarship (New Silk Road Scholarship)

Level of Candidates



Language students

First  class

Free of tuition fee

Second class

Free of 50% tuition fee

Graduate/undergraduate students

First class

Free of tuition fee

Second class

Free of 50% tuition fee



Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)