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Northeastern University(东北大学)

Northeastern University is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, which occupied an area of 2030,000 square meters and an architectural area of 1000,000 square meters, is situated on the north bank of the Hun He River and close to the South Lake. The university is one of China"s high level universities designated for the state key construction of the "211 Project" and "985 Project".

Being a multi-discipline university focusing on engineering, while having kept the edge in traditional disciplines such as mining, material science, metallurgy and mechanical sciences, NEU has made headway in some of the newly rising and cross-disciplinary disciplines such as automation, computer science, and other high-tech disciplines. The discipline of Control Science and Engineering was ranked number one in this discipline in China in the first national first-level discipline assessment by National Academic Degree and Postgraduate Education Development Center.

NEU consists of Qinghuangdao Branch, Graduate School, 12 schools and Department of Physical Education. There are 2140 teachers and researchers, 6 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 9 members of the Discipline Evaluation Board of the State Council, 218 tutors of ph. D student, 328 professors, and 629 associate professors. There are 2195 ph. D students, 7232 graduate students, 21333 undergraduate students. NEU has 53 majors; it has the right to confer Master Degrees in 170 subjects, besides MBA, MPA and Engineering Master; to confer Doctor Degree in 81 subjects. There are 3 national key disciplines of First Class Discipline and 15 national key disciplines of Second Class Discipline, 13 Post-Doctor Stations, 4 National Engineering (Technology) Research Centers, 1 key State-level laboratory and one state key laboratory cultivation base. There are 1 National base of College Student Quality-oriented Education and 1 national engineering and mechanical teaching base in engineering basic courses.

Since the 10th "five year plan", NEU has taken on 1906 research projects of national natural fund, national key fundamental research, develop and planning (973project), national high-tech research develop planning (863 project), national technology research, war industry and the cooperation research with enterprises. In 2006, the number of national awards of scientific and technical payoffs of NEU were ranked 6th among the universities in China. NEU has won 180 awards of the state, province and ministry, among which there is one first prize of the national technology progress award and two second prizes. NEU has published over 9082 papers on national and international academic journals and conferences. There are 2001 papers of NEU in the world top three search systems.

NEU preserves in opening education facing the world. It has established academic exchange relationship with 84 universities and institutions in 20 countries and regions, and has invited over 2000 oversea experts to teach, give lectures and cooperative study in NEU.

Looking into the future, NEU will take the opportunity and keep its characteristic. It will strive to realize the goal that making NEU that is characteristic with " multi-discipline, research oriented, internationalization ", ranking among the top level nationwide and enjoying well recognition worldwide.

Double room: 25 RMB per person per day with public bathroom, public kitchen, public refrigerator, television, broadband network (charged), water heater.

Double room: 30 RMB per person per day with bathroom, telephone, television, broadband network (charged), refrigerator, kitchen, water heater, air conditioning.

Non-degree Chinese Language training
Deadline Refer to the online system
Eligibility Non-Chinese nationality, with at least high school certificate; age: 17-60. If he or she is 61 to 65, and with health certificate provided, he or she may apply.
Procedure Online application


Long-term Class
The enrollments of long-term Class are twice every year, separately in March and September. There are three grades in Chinese language program, including preliminary, middle grade and high grade. Students will be divided into different classes in accordance with both the application and the results of interview.
Required Courses:
- Preliminary program: intensive reading, grammar, listening, oral Chinese, reading and writing Chinese character
- Middle and High grade program: intensive reading, grammar, listening, oral Chinese, writing, reading
Elective Courses:
The elective courses are offered according to the electing circumstances of students, including taijiquan, handwriting, Chinese culture, a survey of China, audio-visual instruction and speaking, etc.
There are classes from Monday to Friday, and 22-24 periods a week.
In addition, HSK Guidance is offered. Students can attend the class optionally and freely.

Short-term Class
Short-term class is usually conducted during winter or summer vacation and begins from the third week of January or July. The duration is about 2-6 weeks. The exact time of beginning and the teaching content will be arranged according to the demands of applicants. If the number of applicants is less than 10, short-term class will not be conducted. If a group intends to study in NEU, the details of short-term class can be discussed.

Deadline Refer to the online system
Eligibility Non Chinese, aged under 25;
With high school certificate;
If taught in Chinese, HSK5/6 more than 180 points required; English major required both HSK5/6 more than 180 points, and IELTS>=4.5 or TOFEL>=70.
Procedure Online application

Chinese Language bachelor's degree program
1).Training ObjectivesThe major is created to train higher qualified personnel who has solid Chinese language ability and communication skills, owns solid Chinese knowledge and certain professional theory, and masters basic knowledge of Mandarin. Emphasis on training the application ability of public services management, international trade and economic activities, it can help foreign students to master the use of Chinese in public services management and the practical knowledge and basic skills of foreign economic and trade activities. Our goal is to train Chinese application of high-level talents whom the International market needs.
2). Educational System4 years
The school practices credit hour system. Students should gain required credits in 4 years and HSK8 Certificate in order to be allowed graduate and obtained the undergraduate diplomas. Those who have successfully defended their thesis shall be conferred the Bachelor of Arts.
3). Course and Composition
The mandatory classesCompulsory professional platform and Degree Required classes
The Selected classesCultural Elective and The direction of elective classes
4). Eligibility
(1) Applicants must have finished senior high school at least and be the age between 18 and 35.
(2) Applicants must have valid foreign passport.
(3) Applicants must pass the Entrance Examination, and then will get the JW202Table and the Letter of Admission.
5). Submissions
Application Form of Northeastern University foreign students, High School Diploma (Original or notarized copies), All high school courses and transcripts (Original or notarized copies), Copy of passport and 3 photos (the size as passport photo).
PS: Freshmen's registration deadline is June every year
6). This specialty receives students for admission and the entry requirements are:
(1) Applicants' Chinese level should achieve HSK5 or more than that and provide HSK certificates and transcripts.
(2) Applicants who have been in university and passed school written interview can study as sophomores.
(3) Students for admission have to retrieval classes in teaching plan.

Bachelor's degree program  (English medium)
Major: Software Engineering

Bachelor's degree program  (Chinese medium with Chinese classmate)
Major: Refer to the online system

Deadline Refer to the online system
Eligibility Non Chinese, aged under 35;
With bachelor degree;
If taught in Chinese, HSK5/6 more than 180 points required;
Two recommendation letters.
Procedure Online application

Master's degree program (English medium)
Major: Software Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation (Mechanical Engineering), Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration (MBA)

Master's degree program (Chinese medium with Chinese classmate)
Major: Refer to the online system
Deadline Refer to the online system
Eligibility Non Chinese, aged under 40;
With master degree;
If taught in Chinese, HSK5/6 more than 180 points required;
Two recommendation letters;
NEU PhD supervisor's acceptance letter.
Procedure Online application

The program and supervisors' contact, please refer to Ph.D Programs List

Category Tuition (RMB Yuan/year) Start Time Application Fee
Undergraduate Programs 16000~20000

500 RMB

Master's Porgrams 20000~25000
Doctoral Programs 25000~30000
Chinese Language Programs 14000/year 
March, September

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Northeastern University is the only national key university in Shenyang, the birthplace of Qing Dynasty. In the vigorous university, students from all over the world gather together in the School of International Exchange to study.

School of International Exchange of Northeastern University is responsible for foreign student recruitment (including undergraduate students, master students and doctoral students), management, education and research of Chinese language. School of International Exchange has recruited foreign students since 1950s. There are over 40 faculty and administrative staff members. Over 4,000 students from more than 50 countries have been educated in our university for their degrees and cultural study. In recent years, with continuously enlarge number of foreign students and promotion of education level and quality, more and more foreign students have been recruited by our university. The proportion of degree students has also dramatically increased.

Through dozens of years' development, School of International Exchange has accumulated rich experience in teaching content, method and management. It boasts a strong team of full time and part time faculty. It offers long and short term Chinese language classes meeting the demands of different levels of students (beginning, middle and high level). The School enrolls students from both Spring and Fall semesters. The School has many advantages for its high level teaching quality, such as small size classes, diversified language courses (e.g. Chinese intensive reading, listening, grammar, writing, reading, conversation, visual and audio classes, news Chinese, news listening and reading, economic and trade Chinese, science and technology Chinese, etc.), abundant Chinese cultural courses (e.g. survey of China, Chinese folk art, Taijiquan, martial art, etc.), colorful cultural experiencing activities (e.g. visiting Chinese families, museums, social investigation, travel, etc.), independent teaching buildings, 3 well-equipped dormitories, and strong cultural atmosphere in the surrounding areas. In 2007, School set up a Sino-South Korea Cultural Exchange Center with Kyungnam University. Since the establishment of degree program of Chinese language in 2010, the School has started to enroll foreign students in this program in 2011. The School has very high passing rate of HSK 6-8 exams and won several awards in Chinese speech contests organized by Liaoning Province and the country.

Cultivating excellent Chinese talents and promoting the cultural exchanges between China and other countries all over the world is the goal of School of International Exchange. It is believed that the study and life in Northeastern University always leaves a beautiful memory to all foreign students and helps them achieve a better and brighter career in the future.