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Duke Kunshan University(昆山杜克大学)


Duke Kunshan University, a Sino-American partnership between Duke University in the U.S. and Wuhan University in China, offers a world-class education in dynamic China, culminating in a degree from Duke University and a degree from Duke Kunshan University.

Students will have the opportunity to study and live in both China and the U.S., developing an enhanced international perspective and gaining greater access to global opportunities.  


At this innovative global university, you will: 

• Earn degrees from both Duke University and Duke Kunshan University.

• Have the opportunity to study and live on two campuses: from Kunshan, China, to Durham, U.S.

• Learn from Duke-calibre faculty (All courses will be taught in English).

• Experience liberal arts and sciences education as well as interdisciplinary learning.

• Live and learn on the state-of-the-art Duke Kunshan campus with students and faculty from all around the world.

• Cultivate critical thinking skills, gain valuable insights about China and the world and develop global leadership capabilities that will boost your career prospects.

• Become part of Duke's 170,000-strong global alumni network. Duke Alumni include some of the most influential people in the world: Nobel Prize winners, business leaders, professional athletes and even a US president.

• Be eligible to receive scholarship support for your studies.

(Visit us at the official website: https://dukekunshan.edu.cn)

Academic Departments



• Duke Kunshan offers exceptional university-operated housing for students.

• With an emphasis on creating a safe, healthy and inclusive environment, residence life at Duke Kunshan is viewed as an extension of the learning experience, where diverse students are brought together to learn from one another and develop lasting relationships.

• The dining facility offers healthy, high quality meals, with options ranging from a salad bar to Chinese food to Western food. Other amenities such as a coffee shop and convenience store are also located in the main building.

Student Service


• Modified course schedule to ensure all students have Friday free, allowing time for field trips, club activities, community engagement and internships.

• Small class sizes enable more engagement with faculty, both in and out of the classroom.

• Excellent career services to help prepare students to embark on their career path by providing career development counseling, job search training, corporate visits and networking events.

• Academic advising that ensures students are on the right path to pursue further studies.


• A variety of clubs are available to serve the diverse needs of Duke Kunshan's student body. Students are even encouraged to create their own clubs. All clubs receive guidance and support from the Student Affairs Office.

• Building on the tradition of athletic excellence at Duke University. Duke Kunshan offers students access to brand new sports and fitness facilities, as well as a chance to participate on competitive varsity team.


School Calendar

Campus View



DURHAM, N.C., and KUNSHAN, CHINA — Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan, China, will welcome the first students in its undergraduate degree program in August 2018.


The four-year bachelor’s degree program is based in the liberal arts and sciences tradition, allowing students to explore a variety of subjects and build a broad base of knowledge before selecting a major. Designed by faculty at Duke University, a leading world university, and with input from Chinese higher education experts, Duke Kunshan’s curriculum develops deep subject matter expertise while integrating coursework from multiple disciplines, ensuring that graduates are well prepared for employment or advanced study in their chosen field. Courses will be taught in English and will be primarily conducted in small-sized, discussion-based classes. Overall, Duke Kunshan will have a student-faculty ratio of 11:1.

Undergraduate students will participate in a university community that fosters learning inside and outside of the classroom. The Duke Kunshan campus opened in 2014 and features classroom and lab space, housing and dining facilities for students and faculty members, arts and recreation areas, and current educational technology.

Duke Kunshan students and faculty will come from all over the world, creating an international environment on campus. In addition, students will have the opportunity to study abroad at Duke University in the United States.

Graduates of the program will receive a bachelor’s degree from Duke University, an institution consistently ranked among the top universities in the world, as well as a degree from Duke Kunshan University approved by China’s Ministry of Education.

They will join Duke’s global network of more than 170,000 alumni, many of whom are widely recognized for their leadership in business, government, technology, athletic and philanthropic activities. Charlie Soong, the father of the well-known Soong sisters in China, was the first international student at Duke.

Duke Kunshan University was jointly founded by Duke University, China’s Wuhan University and the City of Kunshan in 2013 and has offered master’s degree programs in business, global health and medical physics, and a Global Learning Semester program for undergraduates, since 2014. A new master’s program in environmental policy will begin later this year.

“The undergraduate degree program at Duke Kunshan University will open in 2018 with an innovative curriculum specially designed to educate and challenge students in this unique global setting,” said Duke University President Richard Brodhead.

“I look forward to joining my faculty colleagues in the fall of 2018 to take part in teaching the incoming class at Duke Kunshan, “added Brodhead, who will step down from the Duke presidency this June. Brodhead is also member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and an expert in 19th-century American literature.

Duke Kunshan will initially offer eight undergraduate majors designed to equip students for either further study or immediate employment in settings where they will be expected to draw on knowledge from multiple fields in order to succeed. The initial eight majors are:

    •    material science with a focus in physics

    •    political economy with a focus in political science

    •    environmental science with a focus in chemistry

    •    environmental science with a focus in public policy

    •    global health with a focus in public policy

    •    global health with a focus in biology

    •    global China studies with a focus in history

    •    applied mathematics with a focus in computation

Additional majors are under development, including humanities majors that integrate history, philosophy, literature, and the arts, as well as social science majors integrating economics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology.

“After the successful launch and operation of our master’s programs since 2014, we are now fully prepared to offer the undergraduate degree program,” said Liu Jingnan, chancellor of Duke Kunshan and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. “We are confident of helping students become citizens of rooted globalism who put knowledge and discoveries to use for the good of society.”

Denis Simon, executive vice chancellor of Duke Kunshan and an expert on U.S.-China science and technology relations, added, “As China grows on the international stage, we are delighted to offer a unique international learning experience for students from across the world. Our program is designed to help students not only have greater access to international opportunities, but also define and create new jobs for the 21st century.”

Dou Xiankang, president of Wuhan University, said, “Wuhan University will work closely with partners to help cultivate students who think globally and act firmly, and help build Duke Kunshan University into a world-class university with a top-notch undergraduate program.”

Duke Kunshan University will offer merit-based and need-based scholarships for qualified Chinese and international students, reflecting the university’s commitment to recruiting a cohort of highly talented students from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.

Applications for admission will be accepted beginning in August 2017 through the university and Common Application websites. Students with PRC citizenship are required to take the Gaokao as a replacement for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT.

(Original news: http://undergrad.dukekunshan.edu.cn/admission_news_post/en-1/)


Application Requirements

The Duke Kunshan Admissions team takes a holistic approach when reviewing applications. This means that all application requirements are taken into consideration, ensuring the most suitable candidates are admitted on the strength of their application as a whole. International students may submit SAT, ACT or equivalent test scores. Applicants who have not taken standardized international tests can submit other independently administered national examinations to be considered in the overall context of their application.

All applications for Duke Kunshan University are done using the Common Application. Students applying to Duke University can also check a box to be considered for admission to Duke Kunshan University.


Application Checklist

1.      School Report

2.      Counselor Recommendation

3.      High School Transcripts

4.      Teacher Evaluations

5.      SAT, ACT or equivalent.

6.      Personal Essays

7.      Common App Application

International testing school codes for Duke Kunshan University: SAT – 7059, ACT – 0621, TOEFL – B624

       (Visit us at the official website: http://undergrad.dukekunshan.edu.cn)


Interdisciplinary Majors:

Each major is an extended study of one academic area and includes a broad range of interdisciplinary courses and a distinct set of disciplinary courses, complemented by elective courses from other areas.


Current majors include:

• Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences/Math

• Material Science/Physics

• Global Health/Biology

• Global Health/Public Policy

• Environmental Science/Chemistry

• Environmental Science/Public Policy

• Global China Studies/History

• Political Economy/Political Science


More new majors are expected to be available by 2020, when the first cohort of students will declare their majors.

Some of these majors include:

• Cultures and Movements/Sociology

• Cultures and Movements/Cultural Anthropology

• Data Science

• Ethics and Leadership/Philosophy

• Ethics and Leadership/Religious Studies

• Global Cultural Studies/Literature

• Institutions and Governance/Economics

• Media and Arts/Creative Practice

• Media and Arts/History

• Political Economy/Economics

• US Studies/History

• US Studies/Literature

Application Guide

How to Apply 

The process to apply for undergraduate admission in China is similar to that of Duke University in the U.S. International students must submit either their SAT or ACT test scores.

You may apply to Duke Kunshan University using the Common Application: http://www.commonapp.org/school/duke-kunshan-university

The Ideal Candidate

• Genuine curiosity - asks questions and looks for answers from multiple sources.

• Demonstrated desire to have an impact in ways that are most meaningful to them.

• Eager to be engaged inside and outside the classroom and to take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

• Adventurous spirit - wants to be a part of something special.

• Leadership potential - the inaugural class will create the student government, design club activities and work with the administration, contributing to building the foundation of the program.

Tuition Fees & Scholarships


Undergraduate tuition for international students at Duke Kunshan University tied to tuition costs at Duke University. For reference only, the tuition fee for Duke University in 2017-18 is US$51,720, (All fees and rates provided at this time are estimates.)    



• All applicants will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships.

• More than 50% of accepted applicants will receive scholarship support.

• Need-based scholarships are also available for students meeting certain criteria.

• Scholarship amounts vary up to full tuition coverage.

• Duke Kunshan is committed to providing financial assistance to the most talented students, regardless of financial situation, in order to enroll the most suitable candidates.




Qualification Rewarded:        Language of Instruction:        Scholarship:
Type of Program        Language of Instruction        Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Other Features


• The undergraduate curriculum builds on a foundation of liberal arts and sciences education and features an interdisciplinary approach.

• Modern and experiential curriculum designed by Duke University faculty challenges students to develop as critical thinkers and to learn through experience.

• Highly experienced international faculty that are deeply involved in university activities and eager to engage with students both in and out of the classroom.

• Each student will have two mentors guiding them throughout their studies - one career mentor and one academic mentor, helping students to customize their experience.

• Students are encouraged to speak their mind and be involved in classroom discussions.

• Students will use the knowledge they have acquired and apply it in real world settings throughout the development of their Signature Work Project and other experiential opportunities.



• All international students are required to take Chinese language courses for the first two years of study, and have the option to continue with more advanced courses afterwards.

• All language classes are small, making the learning environment very efficient and intuitive.