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Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics(浙江财经大学)


Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE) is situated in the prosperous and picturesque city of Hangzhou, which is well known for its history, culture and scenery. It is a provincial university with special distinction in economics and management, which develops harmoniously with diverse disciplines like literature, law, science, engineering, and art.

Its predecessor —— the Finance and Banking School of Zhejiang Province, was founded in 1974. In 1987, this school was enlarged and renamed as Zhejiang College of Finance & Economics under the approval of the State Educational Commission of China. It was authorized to confer Bachelor's degrees in 1991 and Master's degrees in 2003. In 2006, the University achieved excellence in the Undergraduate Educational Evaluation conducted by the State Ministry of Education. It has been ranking as one of the most welcomed provincial universities in our province.

ZUFE is a key university in Zhejiang province, well-known for its unique characteristics and advantages. With three modern campuses in and near Hangzhou (Xia-Sha Campus, Wen-Hua Campus and Chang-An Campus), the university occupies a total area of over 153 hectares. All the campuses are equipped with advanced and modern educational facilities. At present, ZUFE has fourteen schools, one physical educational department, one independent college and one continuing educational college. There are five province-level key disciplines, one key social science research base and one key humanities research base. ZUFE has over 1,300 highly-leveraged academic staff and an enrollment of over 26,000 full-time undergraduate and graduate students.

As a creative and dynamic higher educational institution, ZUFE always attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation with foreign universities. Up to now we have established close and collaborative relations with 69 universities and research institutions in nearly 20 countries and regions, including the U.S.A, the UK, France, Denmark, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Besides, the university offers scholarships to excellent students. Both ZUFE and Zhejiang provincial government offer various scholarships to outstanding international students, so there are many kinds of scholarships available to international students.

ZUFE is a school full of vigor and vitality. It has been welcoming students from all over the world, and international students have become an integral part of our community on campus. We invite you to visit our website and select academic programs suitable for you. We appreciate your interest, and we hope you will choose to study in our university.

ZUFE Homepage: http://sie.zufe.edu.cn/english.htm
       For academic lessons and courses information, please visit website at:

Academic Departments

The School of Finance and Public Administration

The School of Accounting

The School of Finance

The School of Business Administration

The School of Information

The School of Economics and International Trade

The School of Law

The School of Foreign Languages

The School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School of Arts and Humanities

The School of Arts

Department of Physical and Military Education

Department of Political Theory Teaching and Research

MBA School

The School of International Education

China Institute of Regulation Research

The Donfang College
The School of Adult Education


International students’ living rooms are well equipped with air-conditioners, water dispensers, furniture, beddings, etc. For more details about the living conditions, please refer to the photos provided. The monthly rent for a single roomisRMB¥800, andRMB¥500 per person for a double room. Electricity, water and internet bills are not included in the rent. Another option for international students is to live off campus. The monthly rent for an apartment equipped with furniture around our university is from RMB¥1,200to RMB¥1,600.The rent for a larger apartment may be a bit higher, but it can be shared by two or three tenants. Students living off campus shall bring their lease agreements to the International Students’ Office in SIE for registration.

Student Service

Catering Services:
Within the campus, there are some catering centers comprising of canteens and Gourmet Center offering an extensive range of cuisines to meet different needs of the university community. The average price of a meal isusuallyRMB¥10-15.The opening hours are as follows:
l Breakfast:from6:30 a.m. to 8:00.a.m.
l Lunch:from11:00.a.m. to 13:00.p.m.
l Dinner:from16:00.p.m. to 18:00.p.m.
 Campus Facility:
There is a wide variety of facilities and services available at ZUFE, including clinics, banking services, stores, canteens, basketball, volleyball and football courts, a library, a gymnasium, a stadium, a swimming pool, etc. The university provides pleasant, comfortable on-campus residence halls, which are fully equipped with TV sets, telephones, air-conditioners, laundry machines, refrigerators, microwaves, laundry driers, water heaters, kitchenware, ADSL broadband, etc.
The Local Community:
The university is located in a fully-developed community with a comprehensive variety of facilities and services, which include large public hospitals, banks, post offices, supermarkets, cinemas, gymnasia, etc.
Xia- Sha has a well-developed public transportation system, operating over ten bus routes to downtown Hangzhou. It takes only 30 minutes to go to the downtown by B1 or B4 (Bus Rapid Transit No. 1 and No. 4).There is a bus departing from the terminal next to our university for the downtown every five minutes. The operating hours of B1 and B4 are from 6:00a.m. to 21:30p.m. Subway Line No.1wascompleted and put into service in the mid of the year. It has now become another option for traveling to the downtown, which only takes about 20 minutes to travel to the center of Hangzhou from Xia-Sha. The flag-down price of the taxi in Xia-ShaisRMB¥5.

School Calendar

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Programs Taught in English
English-taught Degree Programs for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
At present, there are some schools which can provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught in English. Applicants who have good English proficiency can apply directly for taking undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.
Bachelor of Accounting:Accounting & Enterprise, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Company Law and Commercial Law, Performance Management, Taxation, Financial Reporting, Auditing & Authentication, Financial Management, Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Ethics, Company Reports, Business Analysis, Advanced Financial Management, Advanced Performance Management
Bachelor of English Language and Literature:Comprehensive English, English Grammar, Introduction to English Linguistics, Translation Theory & Practice, Advanced English, English Interpretation, History of British & American Literature, Selected Readings of British and American Literature, English Lexicology, A Contrastive Study of English Language and Culture, Literary Stylistic Translation, A Survey of English Speaking Countries, English Pragmatics & Rhetoric
Bachelor of Business English:An Introduction to Business English, Comprehensive Business English, Audio-visual Business English, Business English Reading, Business English Writing, Intercultural Business Communication, Business English-Chinese Translation, Advanced English, International Trade Practice, Business English Interpretation, English for Secretary, International Business Negotiation, English Rhetoric
Bachelor of Economics:International Economics, Econometrics, Multivariate Statistical Analysis, International Trade, Finance, International Taxation, International Finance, International Settlement, Investment, International Law, International Business Management, International Marketing, International Accounting, Database Principle & Application, Computer Networks, Introduction to E-commerce
Bachelor of Management:Strategic Management, Management of Multinational Company, International Engineering Management, Management, Economics, Engineering, Economics, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Business Law, International Trade, International Taxation, Multinational Company Finance, An Introduction to E-commerce, International Marketing, International Logistics
Postgraduate degree:
Master of Accounting:Economics, Mathematical Statistics, Accounting Theory & Projects, Audit Theory, Senior Financial Accounting, Management Accounting Research, Theory of Audit Projects, Accounting Theory, Internal Control to Risk Management, Asset Restructuring & Capital Operation, Intermediate Microeconomics, Advanced Microeconomics
Master of English Language and Literature:Research Methods & Thesis Writing, Selected Readings, Literature of English-speaking Countries, A Brief History of Western Linguistics, Western Classical Literary Theories, Ideological Trend on Western Literary Criticism, English Narrative Poetics Study, English Poetry & Prose Appreciation, Translation Theory & Practice, Research of Renaissance Literature, British and American Literature Study
Master Degree Programs
Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics (ZUFE) has set up 38 postgraduate degree programs, including these strong programs like Science of Science, Accounting, Enterprise Management, Statistics, Finance, International Trade and Economics. The following 36 master degree programs are all available to international students.
I. Master Degree Programs Taught in Chinese
School of Finance and Public Administration:
(1)Fiscal Science
(2)Administrative Management
(3)Education Economy and Management
(4)Social Security
(5)Land Resources Management
(6)Customs Administration
School of Accounting:
(2)Assets Appraisal
(3)Master of Accounting
(4)Environment Economics
School of Finance:
(2)Master of Finance
(3)Master of Insurance
School of Business Administration:
(1)Enterprise Management
(2)Technical Economics and Management
(3)Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
School of Information Technology:
(1)Enterprise Management
(2)Management of Statistics
School of Law:
(1)Theory of Law
(3)Economic Law
(4)Constitutional Law & Administrative Law
School of Foreign Languages:English Language & Literature
School of Mathematics and Statistics:
(1)National Economics
(3)Economic Statistics
(4)Applied Probability Statistics
School of Humanities:
(2)Chinese Language & Literature
(3)Study on Localization of MarxisminChina
MBA Centre:Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Government Regulation Institute:Economics of Regulation
Chinese Language Programs
Non-Degree Programs
The non-degree programs with duration of one semester or above in ZUFE are offered to international students or overseas Chinese whose native languages are not Chinese. It is divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced Chinese programs. Students at different levels could enjoy differentiated education according to their actual level of Chinese. Our semester usually covers 17 weeks with 20 periods for each week.
Bachelor Degree Programs Taught in Chinese
There are 45 bachelor degree programs in Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE), of which the following are its strong programs: Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Business Administration, Science of Finance, International Trade and Economics, Financial Control, Credit Management, Human Resource Management, Economics, Economic Statistics. All the 45 bachelor degree programs are open to international students, as long as the applicant’s Chinese language proficiency can meet the requirements set by the schools
School of Finance and Public Administration:
(3)Labor & Social Security
(4)Public Administration
(5)Administration Management
School of Accounting:
(3)Financial Management
(4)Asset Evaluation
(5)Accounting(Sino-foreign Cooperation Program)
School of Finance:
(1)Science of Finance
(2)Financial Engineering
(3)Credit Management
School of Business Administration:
(1)Business Administration
(3) Human Resource Management
(4)Engineering Management
(5)Logistics Management
(6)Agriculture and Forestry Economics & Management
(7)Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning
(8)Marketing(Sino-foreign Cooperation Program)
School of Information Technology:
(1)Business Administration
(3) Human Resource Management
(4)Engineering Management
(5)Logistics Management
(6)Agriculture and Forestry Economics & Management
(7)Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning
(8)Marketing(Sino-foreign Cooperation Program)
School of Economics and International Trade:
(2)International Trade & Economy
(3)National Economic Management
School of Law:
(2)Social Work
School of Foreign Language:
(1)English Language & Literature
(2)Japanese Language & Literature
(3)Business English
School of Mathematics and Statistics:
(1)Economic Statistics
(2)Applied Statistics
(3)Information & Computer Science
(4)Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
School of Humanities:
(1)Chinese Literature
(3)Digital Media Art
(4)Chinese International Education
School of Art :
(1) Visual Communication Design
(2)Environmental Design

Application Guide

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

I. Types of Scholarship

(1)Scholarship for Distinguished Freshmen



First Prize Scholarship

One year’s tuition fee

Second Prize Scholarship

70% of one year’s tuition fee

Third Prize Scholarship

50% of one year’s tuition fee


(2)Scholarship for Distinguished Degree Students



First Prize Scholarship

One year’s tuition fee

Second Prize Scholarship

70% of one year’s tuition fee

Third Prize Scholarship

50% of one year’s tuition fee


(3)Scholarship for Distinguished Chinese Language Learners



First Prize Scholarship


Second Prize Scholarship


Third Prize Scholarship



(4)HSK Winner Scholarship

Grade in HSK


Grade Four


Grade Five


Grade Six


Grade Seven


Grade Eight


Grade Nine


Grade Ten


Grade Eleven


This scholarship is conferred only to students who sit their HSK test after their registration in our university. No scholarship will be awarded to students who pass the same grade of HSK test for the second time.

(5)Individual Scholarships

Individual Scholarships include Progress Scholarship, Artistic or Athletic Participation Scholarship, Artistic or Athletic Winner Scholarship as well as Social Welfare Scholarship.

Grade in HSK


Progress Scholarship


Artistic or Athletic Participation Scholarship


Artistic or Athletic Winner Scholarship


Social Welfare Scholarship


(6)Alumni Scholarship

Applicants who continue their undergraduate study in our university after completing over one semester’s Chinese language learning, or continue their graduate study in our university after completing undergraduate study in our university will receive a discount of 10% on their first year’s tuition fees. Alumni Scholarship winner can also apply for other scholarships if eligible.

(7)Family Member Scholarship

Family Member Scholarship is set up to encourage more international students to study in our university. If an international student is currently studying in our university or has graduated from our university, his immediate family members like sisters, brothers, parents, sons, daughters and spouse will receive a discount of 10% on their family members’ tuition fees of the first year. Family Member Scholarship winners can also apply for other scholarships if eligible.

II. Application for Scholarship

Application Time: From November to January during the Spring Semester and from February to May during the Autumn Semester.

Documents required for Application for the above scholarships:

(1) A completed application form for “ZUFE Scholarship for International Students”.

(2) Notarized certificate of the highest academic qualifications and academic transcripts.

(3) Proof documents showing your Chinese or English language proficiency.

(4) Recommendation letters.

(5) Other documents necessary for the application of the specific scholarships.

Qualification Rewarded:        Language of Instruction:        Scholarship:
Type of Program        Language of Instruction        Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Other Features