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Nanchang University(南昌大学)

Nangchang University (NCU) is a comprehensive university listed among the "World First-class Disciplines" and the national "Double First-Class" Initiative of China. It is the only "211 Project" national key university in Jiangxi Province which is co-constructed by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Provincial Government. And it is one of the high-level universities of Jiangxi Province in the overall construction project of universities in China. Located in Nanchang, the City of Hero, NCU consists of 4 campuses, which are Qianhu main campus, Qingshan-Hu, Dong-Hu and Poyang-Hu campuses. Among them, the Qianhu main campus has an area of more than 228 hectares and building area of 1.5 million square meters.

NCU hosts five major faculties which are: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science & Technology (Division I), Faculty of Science & Technology (Division II), and Faculty of Medicine. It has 126 undergraduate programs with 12 subjects categories, 3 national key disciplines, 15 first-level subjects with doctor's degree authorization, 47 first-level subjects with master's degree authorization, 1 kind of doctor's professional degree authorization and 29 kinds of master's professional degree authorization and 11 postdoctoral scientific research stations. NCU has five affiliated hospitals, and 9 national clinical key specialist disciplines. The subjects of Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Agricultural Sciences (mainly Food Science and Engineering), Engineering and Materials Science, Pharmacology, Virology and other six majors rank among the first 1% of ESI in the world, in which the subjects of Agricultural Sciences (mainly Food Science and Engineering) rank among the first 1.79‰, Clinical Medicine rank among the first 3.7‰ and Chemistry rank among the first 4.8‰ of ESI in the world. In the national fourth-round of subject overall level assessment, the subject of Food Science and Engineering ranks the 3rd. The main campus of NCU has 4,362 staff members (2,524 are full-time teachers, and 1,461 of them have titles of professors and associate professors). Among them, there are 1 Academician of CAS, 4 Dual-Employed Academicians.

NCU is the Member of the China-Central Eastern European Countries Higher Education Institutions Consortium, one of the Founding Universities South Asia-Southeast Asia University Association, the Member of the Eurasia-Pacific UNINET, a Standing Council Unit of China Education Association for International Exchange, the member of Yangtze Volga University Alliance, the demonstration base of China Ministry of Education for studying in China, the National Advanced Internet-based Test Site of HSK, and a Strategic Partner of Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE). NCU attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. It has maintained stable exchanges and cooperative relationships with about 170 universities and research institutions in over 40 countries and regions. We have established the Sino-Canada Joint Laboratory of Food Science and Technology (Nanchang), the International Science and Technology Cooperation Base on Food Safety, the International Food Innovation Research Institute, the International Materials Innovation Research Institute, and the first Russian language center in Jiangxi Province with Russian partners. NCU has co-established 4 Confucius Institutes and 2 Confucius Classrooms respectively in France, Spain and Indonesia, and established a Chinese Language Research Center in Russia. With enlarging international cooperation and exchange, more than 4,000 students of NCU have joined international exchange programs to study overseas.

International Student Apartment provides harmonious, clean and comfortable accommodation for international students. Public kitchens and laundries are also available in the apartment.

Double room 
(main campus)

7,500 yuan/person/year

Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Balcony

Triple room 
(main campus)

5,000 yuan/person/year

Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Balcony

Ordinary double room 
(Medicine Overseas Student Dormitory)

4,600 yuan/person/year

Public Kitchen, Bathroom, Balcony

Double room 
(Medicine Overseas Student Dormitory; Students applying for Chinese Language Program and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Program only)

2,000 yuan/person/year

Public Kitchen, Bathroom, Balcony

Application Process

1. Application Method: Applicants use the online application system http://apply.ncu.edu.cn to fill all the required information and submit documents.

Notice: Applicants who have any questions can write to us through official E-mail study@ncu.edu.cn.


2. Application Documents:

(1)* Passport (valid for at least 12 months)

(2)* The Highest Diploma

(3)* Academic Transcripts

(4)* Foreigner Physical Examination Form (within 6 months) Download the physical examination form from the attachment.

(5)* No Criminal Record (within 6 months)

(6)* Financial Statement (within 6 months)

(7)* No Objection Letter and performance (transfer students only)

(8)* Master's and doctoral applicants should provide two recommendation letters and Study Plan or Research Proposal,doctoral applicants also need provide a supervisor acceptance letter.

(9)* Valid HSK Certificate (if available)

(10) Photo (Requirements: named in own passport numbers, 2-inch color bareheaded photo on white background without border, at least 320x240 pixels, JPG format.)

Notice:The documents with * must be a scanned copy of the original materials. Non-chinese or English materials shall be provided with Chinese or English translations.


3. Applicants please pay close attention to the application website and check the results.


4. Applicants who are admitted will receive the form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and Admission Notice from Nanchang University.


5. Applicants who are admitted please apply for the student visa (X visa) from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country with Related materials including the original copies of the form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and the Admission Notice, etc.


6. Applicants who are admitted come to Nanchang University with the original form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and the Admission Notice to enroll, register and pay the tuition fee punctually according to the date stated on the Admission Notice. Please be sure to enter China with X1 visa and do foreigner temporary registration with 24 hours after coming to Jiangxi province before 20 days that your visa will expire, otherwise you will be responsible for all the possible consequences.


Contact Information

International Students Admission Office of International Exchange College, Nanchang University

Tel: +86 791 83968702

E-mail: study@ncu.edu.cn   

Address: International Exchange College, Nanchang University, 999 Xuefu Road, Honggutan New District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, P. R. China

Zip Code: 330031

Website: www.iec.ncu.edu.cn

I. Tuition fee





Bachelor's degree

18,000 yuan/year

19,000 yuan/year

20,000 yuan/year

Master's degree

23,000 yuan/year

25,000 yuan/year

30,000 yuan/year

Doctor's degree

26,000 yuan/year

27,500 yuan/year

30,000 yuan/year

Chinese Language Program

4,500 yuan/year

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages Program

14,500 yuan/year

II.Other Fees

Insurance fee (800 RMB/person)



1.The accommodation fee for exchange students depends on the agreement reached between the two universities.

2.Nanchang University may adjust the tuition fee according to the relevant regulations.

III. Scholarships

Students can apply for various scholarships, including International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarships), Chinese Government Scholarships, Sino-Russian Humanities Exchange Scholarships, Silk Road Scholarships, Scholarships for Outstanding Foreign Students, Foreign Government Scholarships, Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarships for International Students, etc. 

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB) Qualification Awarded
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