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nanchang institute of technology(南昌工程学院)


Nanchang Institute of Technology (NIT) is a regular undergraduate institution of higher learning co-constructed by the central and local governments and subject to the administration by local government. It was approved as an “Excellent Engineer Education Program” higher institution by the Ministry of Education of China in September 2011 and the right to award master’s degree by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council in October 2011. In December of the same year, it was qualified in the undergraduate level teaching appraisal organized by the Ministry of Education. NIT covers a land area of 2,046.9mu, having 1.2 million collections of paper books and 1.5 million electronic books in the library. NIT currently owns over 1200 faculty members, establishing 14 teaching schools (faculties), including School of Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering, School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Economics and Trade, School of Humanities and Art, School of Science, School of Foreign Languages, School of International Education and School of Military Education. Currently, NIT has become an application-oriented undergraduate institution dominated by engineering with multi-disciplinary coordinated development of liberal arts, economics, science, agriculture, management, fine arts and etc.

Academic Departments



Single Room: 4000yuan/year; Double Room: 2000yuan/year. Water and electricity bills will be charged as stipulated by the School.

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Address: No.289 Tianxiang Avenue, High-tech Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

School of International Education of Nanchang Institute of Technology

Post Code: 330099

Tel (Fax): 0086-791-8815578688126009          Email: sie@nit.edu.cn

Website: http://inter.nit.edu.cn/

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Enrollment Target

1. Enrollment of undergraduate students globally. Foreigners obtaining Graduation Certificate of Senior High School may apply for entrance to our School.

2. Exchange students from institutions signing agreement on exchange students with our School.

3. Other overseas students studying in our School for a short term.

Majors and Instruction Language

All the undergraduate majors of the School adopt Chinese as instruction language for overseas students. For more than 10 students in the same major and same batch whose mother language is English, English can be instruction language.

All the majors accept exchange students.

Enrollment Assessment

Overseas students reaching level 4 in HSK may directly enter each major for studying; those not reaching level 4 shall enter Chinese preparatory class to study for half to one year, and they will enter each major for studying after qualified Chinese assessment organized by the School.

Admission and School Roll

Students qualified in enrollment assessment will be issued Letter of Admission, and will obtain school roll of NIT after registration.


Chinese Language Training

In order to help overseas students learning Chinese language, our School holds Chinese language training class:

Term of Training

Class Hours of Training

Tuition (yuan)

Half a year



One year




Undergraduate Majors:


Name of School

Name of Undergraduate Majors


School of Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering

Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering


Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering


Surveying and Mapping Engineering


Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering


Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating




Geological Engineering


Landscape Architecture


Port Channel and Coastal Engineering


School of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Civil Engineering

(Architectural Engineering, Road and Bridge Engineering, Underground Engineering, Urban Rail Transit Engineering)


Urban Planning (Urban Construction, Landscape Design)




City Underground Space Engineering


Water Supply and Drainage Engineering


Engineering Management

(Investment Cost Management, Real Estate Project Management)


Road, Bridge and River-crossing Project Major


School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Thermal Energy and Power Engineering


Material Shaping and Control Engineering


Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation


Vehicle Engineering


Mechatronic Engineering


Electrical Engineering and Automation




Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation


School of Information Engineering

Communication Engineering


Electronic Information Engineering


Computer Science and Technology


Information Management and Information System


Department of Science

Information and Computing Science


School of Business Administration

Marketing (Marketing Management, E-business)


Logistics Management


Tourism Management




School of Economics and Trade

Financial Management


International Economics and Trade








School of Humanities and Art

Art Design (Visual Communication, Environmental Art)




Industrial Design


Musicology (Music Performance and Communication)




Radio and Television Journalism


Editing and Publishing Science


School of Foreign Languages







 School of International Education

Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Automation


Application Guide

Course Teaching and Assessment

Overseas students may apply for exemption of Politics and Foreign Language courses. Major courses shall be subject to the teaching arrangement of each major.

Conferment of Graduation and Degree Certificate

Overseas students completing stipulated credits of corresponding majors may obtain Graduation Certificate of our School; those reaching the standard of degree 

Tuition Fees & Scholarships


Tuition is RMB 14 thousand yuan for each student every academic year, RMB 7 thousand yuan for each semester.


Overseas students observing discipline and excellent in both characters and learning may apply for scholarship.

First-class Scholarship, tuition-free, 5 winners in 2017.

Second-class Scholarship, 50% tuition off, 15 winners in 2017.

Qualification Rewarded:        Language of Instruction:        Scholarship:
Type of Program        Language of Instruction        Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

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