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Program Information

Name of University/学校名称: Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (沈阳药科大学)
Program Name/项目名称: CLINICAL PHARMACY (临床药学) Qualification Awarded/学位授予: Bachelor’s Degree
Discipline/学科: Pharmacy (药学) Faculty/院系:
Specialty/专业: CLINICAL PHARMACY (临床药学) Date of Enrollment/开学时间: Mar 15, 2022
Duration of Study/学习持续时间: 5 Years Language of Instruction/授课语言: Bilingual in Chinese and English
Application Start Date/项目申请开始日期: Sep 1, 2021 Application Deadline/项目申请截止日期: Jan 10, 2022
Coming date/来华日期: Leaving date/离华日期:
Academic Requirement/学历要求: Ordinary high school education/普通高级中学教育 Chinese Requirement/汉语要求: NA
Need entry fee/是否需要缴报名费: program object/项目面向对象:
Scholarship/奖学金: Yes Tuition Fees Per Year/每学年学习费用(RMB): 25000 (RMB)
Type of Scholarship/奖学金种类: College scholarships      

Program Description

Application Requirements:

Education: Undergraduate — diploma of high school or above

                             Age:  Undergraduate  under 35-year-old

                             Healthno disease in color discernment & scent

Entry Requirements

Documents Required:

Application Form (Download at http://international.syphu.edu.cn/en/)

Two Recommendation letters signed by associate professors or professors (for Master and Doctor)

Copy of passport

Copy of the last education degree certificate

Curriculum Vitae (work experience owner or apply for master and doctor)

Physical Examination Record for Foreigner — consult Chinese Embassy or Consulate