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Program Information

Name of University/学校名称: Anhui Jianzhu University (安徽建筑大学)
Program Name/项目名称: Architecture (建筑学) Qualification Awarded/学位授予: Bachelor’s Degree
Discipline/学科: Civil Engineering and Architecture (土木建筑工程) Faculty/院系: ()
Specialty/专业: Architecture(建筑学) Language of Instruction/授课语言: Chinese
Date of Enrollment/开学时间: Sep 12, 2022 Duration of Study/学习持续时间: 5 Years
Application Start Date/项目申请开始日期: Mar 21, 2022 Application Deadline/项目申请截止日期: Jul 10, 2022
Academic Requirement/学历要求: Ordinary high school education/普通高级中学教育 Chinese Requirement/汉语要求: HSK (Level IV)
Scholarship/奖学金: Yes Tuition Fees Per Year/每学年学习费用(RMB): 15000 (RMB)
Type of Scholarship/奖学金种类: Provincial and municipal governments Scholarships       College scholarships      

Program Description


  Introduction to the major: Based on regional characteristics and confronting the forefront of discipline development, this major aims at the cultivation of innovative talents in architecture as well as advanced innovative and applied talents with solid basic theoretical knowledge and professional qualities in architectural design, urban and rural planning and landscape architecture, scientific spirit and humanistic quality, innovative design thinking and team spirit, engineering practice and inheritance and innovation ability, and all-round development of morality, intelligence, beauty and labor.
Core courses: Architectural Design Principles, Architectural Design, Urban Design, History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture, Ancient Building Surveying and Mapping, Building Physics, Building Mechanics, Building Structure and Site Design, etc.

Entry Requirements

1. Applicants should be in good health and good conduct without criminal record and hold valid foreign passport.
2. Requirements on language: applicants should generally pass the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) before entering the university, i.e. Level-4 of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK4). Those who have not obtained the above-mentioned Chinese proficiency test grade must first take one year’s preparatory study after entering the school, and the school shall organize and carry out Chinese proficiency training. After the training is completed, they can only obtain formal status as students and transfer to relevant majors after passing the HSK test.
3. Applicants should have a diploma equivalent to that of China’s high school.
4. Applicants should be at least 18 years old in principle and under 28 years old. It is needed to provide guarantee of guardian in China for applicants under 18 until September 1, 2021.