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2022 USTC International Master's Programs in Suzhou(中国科学技术大学硕士苏州项目)

Program Information

Name of University/学校名称: University of Science and Technology of China (中国科学技术大学)
Program Name/项目名称: 2022 USTC International Master's Programs in Suzhou (中国科学技术大学硕士苏州项目) Qualification Awarded/学位授予: Master’s Degree
Discipline/学科: Computer Science and Technology (计算机与科学技术) Faculty/院系: School of Computer Science and Technology (计算机科学与技术学院)
Specialty/专业: Computer Technology(计算机技术) Language of Instruction/授课语言: English
Date of Enrollment/开学时间: Sep 1, 2022 Duration of Study/学习持续时间: 2 Years
Application Start Date/项目申请开始日期: Nov 1, 2021 Application Deadline/项目申请截止日期: Mar 15, 2022
Academic Requirement/学历要求: Undergraduate Education/大学本科教育 Chinese Requirement/汉语要求: NA
Scholarship/奖学金: Yes Tuition Fees Per Year/每学年学习费用(RMB): 50000 (RMB)
Type of Scholarship/奖学金种类: College scholarships      

Program Description


Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Networks & Information Security

Software Engineering


Computer technology mainly focuses on how to solve real-world problems and proving that the solutions are correct through the use of computers. It has four core areas, including theory, system, artificial intelligence and software engineering. These areas are closely related to disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and economics. 

This master's program is designed to teach students both the basic and key areas of computer science while becoming senior programmers, system designers or researchers in specific fields within computer science. Also, the program will provide counseling programs and financial assistance to help graduates with potential and interest to start a business and encourage outstanding graduates to pursue doctoral degrees. 

The domestic ranking of computer science of our school has been stable, maintaining its rank in top 3-5. In recent years, the world ranking of computer science at USTC has been stable within the top 100.

Duration: 2 years

Annual Tuition: 50,000 RMB

Start Date: September 2022

Application Period: From Nov 1st, 2021 to Mar 15th, 2022

Online Application: http://isa.ustc.edu.cn/

Partner institutions & enterprises

We cooperate with a list of scientific research institutes, transnational IT enterprises, local IT enterprises, national civil servants, large state-owned enterprises in finance, and securities and power communication industries. The list includes Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft, Intel, Airbnb, Dajiang, Bank of China, iFlytek, Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Grid, Cambrian, Cisco, AutoChips, TP-Link, etc.

Partner universities

University of California, Santa Barbara, Carnegie Mellon University, Birmingham University, Yale University, New York University, Purdue University, Rutgers University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Stony Brook University, University of Missouri, Joint Laboratory of high energy efficiency intelligent computing system, Examination center of the Ministry of education, iFLYTEK, and The First Affiliated Hospital of China University of science and technology, etc.


Entry Requirements

Basic Application Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited university in computer science or a closely related specialty 
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Official transcripts
  • Three recommendation letters
  • English proficiency certificate 
  • Personal statement