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Chinese Language(汉语)

Program Information

Name of University/学校名称: Hubei University of Medicine (湖北医药学院) Type of Program/项目类型: Chinese Language
Program Name/项目名称: Chinese Language (汉语) Qualification Awarded/学位授予: NA
Language of Instruction/授课语言: Chinese Tuition Fees/学费: 10000 (RMB)
Date of Enrollment/开学时间: Nov 1, 2020 Duration of Study/学习持续时间: 6-12 months
Application Start Date/项目申请开始日期: Aug 1, 2020 Application Deadline/项目申请截止日期: Oct 31, 2020
Academic Requirement/学历要求: Secondary vocational education

Program Description

The Chinese teaching project of Hubei University of Medicine initiated in 2013. At present, the teaching faculty is stable and is rich in teaching experience. Relying on the HSK test-based and oriented Chinese teaching system, the Chinese language training program helps students master basic survival Chinese skills quickly through high-intensity, customized HSK teaching, and builds a language bridge for students to taste the charm of Chinese and experience Chinese culture; Through the one-year HSK teaching and tutoring, students can successfully pass the HSK 4 exam to start medical major study, and lay a solid language foundation for later Medical Chinese learning and internship.
    Hubei University of Medicine is the test center of national Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), which provides convenient services for the candidates in our school and nearby areas.