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Shihezi University International Students MBBS Program(石河子大学来华留学生本科临床医学(MBBS)项目)

Program Information

Name of University/学校名称: Shihezi University (石河子大学)
Program Name/项目名称: Shihezi University International Students MBBS Program (石河子大学来华留学生本科临床医学(MBBS)项目) Qualification Awarded/学位授予: Bachelor’s Degree
Discipline/学科: Clinical (临床医学) Faculty/院系: Medical College (医学院)
Specialty/专业: Chinese, Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Diagnosis, Surgery, Obstetric, Pediatrics.(临床医学(MBBS)) Language of Instruction/授课语言: English
Date of Enrollment/开学时间: Mar 1, 2021 Duration of Study/学习持续时间: 6 Years
Application Start Date/项目申请开始日期: Aug 31, 2020 Application Deadline/项目申请截止日期: Dec 31, 2020
Academic Requirement/学历要求: Ordinary high school education Chinese Requirement/汉语要求: NA
Scholarship/奖学金: No Tuition Fees Per Year/每学年学习费用(RMB): 30000 (RMB)
Type of Scholarship/奖学金种类:

Program Description

Degree offered: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS) six-years program, including internship.
Goals & Objectives: To nurture high-quality applied clinical medical professionals with solid medical foundation and theoretical basis of clinical medicine, basic knowledge and basic skills, with preliminary clinical ability, lifelong learning approach, innovative spirit and research aptitude, and capable of engaging in clinical serving with zealousness and enthusiasm.
Practical approach: Our graduates are prepared to get engaged in clinical medicine, prevention and health services in medical and health institutions in various countries, and involved in medical education and research in other departments.

Entry Requirements

1.Foreign citizens applying for undergraduate education in clinical medicine (English) in China shall hold a valid passport, have good conduct, be in a good health, with a high school diploma, have a basic knowledge of Chinese, good English ability, and basic scientific knowledge.
Student must be between 18-25 years of age.
The applicant shall provide the official high school detail marks transcript, and the score of each subject shall not be less than 75%.
He/she must have no criminal or illicit record in his country.

Audit Course List

No : Course Name : Course Time : Course Credits :
1 Chinese 36 0
2 Anatomy 36 0
3 Histology 36 0
4 Embryology 36 0
5 Physiology 36 0
6 Biochemistry 36 0
7 Pathophysiology 36 0
8 Pharmacology 36 0
9 Diagnosis 36 0
10 Surgery 36 0
11 Obstetric 36 0
12 Pediatrics 36 0